Lucky at cards

Lucky at cards

Lucky at cards, lucky in love. Wait a minute, we learned that sentence differently, right? I don’t care. I like the belief in double luck much better than winning something and thereby automatically losing in another area. 

Speaking of double luck: Anke and I were at the wonderful Kesselfestival two weeks ago, which our friend Christian organizes every year. “Hey, good morning,” I hear and turn around. There stands a nice young man with an iPad, grinning at us. “Do you smoke e-cigarettes?” While Anke nods, I shake my head slightly annoyed. “If you register, you can win something at our booth. The main prize is JBL speakers.” Aha, why didn’t you say so right away… of course, I smoke too… The Swabian in me comes out immediately, and suddenly I officially smoke (for their database) too. With a round token in our possession, we head to the wheel of fortune, which is only 10 meters away from us. Three fields say, “main prize” and many others say nothing. “I’m going to win the speakers,” I tell myself, spin… and… black field. Oh great. Consolation prize. A lanyard. Anke goes to the wheel of fortune, spins, and the little flipper lands on one of the main prizes. Jackpot. We have new speakers.

A little later, I see a couple with blue baseball caps. “Optimist” and “Optimistin” are embroidered on the front. Since I’m busy, I whisper to Anke: “Ask them where they got the caps from…” Said and done. “From the alwa mineral water stand,” they said. So, we head to alwa during the next break. Same game. Wheel of fortune. Since we don’t have much time, I walk purposefully towards the alwa’s wheel-of-fortune-Peter-Bond, who is just walking behind the tent, and explain to him that we are basically Kesselfestival colleagues and what is necessary to get one of the caps each. “Well, come with me.” He walks back to the wheel of fortune. Ten people are already waiting for their turn. “Excuse me, madam, we need to let these two go ahead for a moment,” he says to the lady at the front. Anke spins… main prize. She gets her cap. I spin… blank. I spin again… blank. Damn… The woman behind me feels sorry and secretly spins the wheel one field further to the main prize. “No, no, no. That’s not how it works,” says the alwa-Peter-Bond. Oh Jesus Christ. This is going to be fun. I spin a third time… blank. He shakes his head and waves me to a sample stand for alwa drinks. “What is your favorite color?” I look at the bottles, thinking I can now try something. “Still water.” “No, not the drink. The color.” Now I see that the bottles have different cap colors. However, I see no still water. So, I choose medium water with the green cap. “Green.” He raises his arms. “Yes… that’s correct. You won…” he shouts joyfully. He grins and hands me the cap.

When I tell the story to our Caribbean rebels on the following Monday, Anke adds something important: “You know; Norman wanted to win. I just wanted to spin the wheel of fortune.” And in that moment, it becomes clear to me why Anke won both games and I gained experience. I approached it with a sense of lack because I didn’t have the main prize yet. Spinning the wheel was only a means to an end to get to the prize. This means – lack in = lack out. Anke spun because she had a childlike joy in spinning. And in the end, the result didn’t matter to her. It was all about the spinning at that moment. For me, it wasn’t about the spinning but about winning, which is only the consequence of the “right” spinning. And what you give in is what you will get out.

Did I learn something from this? Definitely. Namely, to pay even more attention to making sure that what I do NOW, I do only because I want to do it now. And not because it is a means to an end and annoys me because I actually want something completely different. Just like in sales, where the order is often more important than the conversation with the customer, for example. A nice saying that I heard years ago fits this: “The customer is the center of attention… and thus in everyone’s way.” Well, if you see it that way and only use the customer to achieve your goals, it will energetically bite you in the ass. Be nice to the customer and enjoy the journey. Forget the order and be fully present with your counterpart. Then look forward to even better results. That’s why I love double luck. Lucky at cards, lucky in love. 

All the best and have a wonderful week,

More Joy Through Forgiveness

More Joy Through Forgiveness

“For many people, there is only one way. It is either black or white, left or right, right or wrong. Our path is the path of the middle. And that means the path of forgiveness…” These words during a church service caught my attention.

What if you forgave other people and yourself much more often? Sure, others make “mistakes.” We ourselves make learning experiences. And in the process, we are often our own harshest critic. But by learning to forgive ourselves and others, we get back on the path of joy more quickly. Forgiveness is the key to more inner peace and tranquility. The more you forgive, the lighter your heart feels and the more joy you allow into your life.

“As long as you get upset about others, you swallow the poison and hope that the other person will die from it.” It’s just not going to happen. Neither today, nor tomorrow, nor ever. The only thing that happens is that you suffer yourself and let your negative feelings guide you. Thus, you ruin both your present and everything that follows. Be a little more lenient with yourself. Look at the situations that annoy you with a smile. Imagine that every conflict, every challenge, is just a scene in your personal movie that is meant for you to learn and grow from (matching my impulse from last week).

My tip: Observe yourself thinking much more often. Whenever the moderator in your head has an opinion about something, watch him from the outside and say “That’s interesting.” If someone verbally attacks you, say the same. Vera F. Birkenbihl gave the advice many years ago: “When someone says something stupid to you, just reply ‘That’s interesting. Can you tell me more about it?’ The other person will do it a maximum of three times and then look for a new victim. Because you no longer respond to the attack.”

You know, it’s okay not to be perfect. It’s okay to make learning experiences. It’s also okay to get upset. What matters is how you deal with it. Forgive yourself and others, and you will see how much lighter and happier your life will become and how much more joy you will have.

In this spirit, I wish you a beautiful and forgiving week.

Humor Weeks with the Universe

Humor Weeks with the Universe

Last Monday, we noticed something with our Caribbean Rebels: It seems to be Humor Weeks with the Universe right now. Many of our wonderful community members are experiencing, despite their positive mindset… let’s say, interesting things. The beautiful thing is that we all no longer let ourselves be completely thrown off balance like we used to, but instead, we handle it with a smile (at least in retrospect).

And that’s exactly what I want to highlight this week. What if life were a show like “Surprise Surprise” There’s a universe above you, and it wants to play a prank on you every now and then. Why? Because many angels are watching you, and just like a movie, it’s boring if your life only runs smoothly. If your life were really a movie, viewers would switch off after a few minutes out of boredom if everything was running smoothly. Anke loves those Netflix Christmas movies that sometimes don’t have a major conflict in the story. Boooooring, I say. We want conflict. We want action. We want a happy ending. Now back to your life. Aren’t there all these moments? “Well, Norman, I haven’t had a happy ending yet. I haven’t achieved my goals and wishes…” Thank you for your open and honest thoughts. But are you planning to check out already? I would say your film can continue for a few more decades, right? And when does the happy ending happen in the film? In the middle? Maybe sometimes. But what happens then? The rest of the film drifts along boringly. We all create throughout the course of our lives. Therefore, we still have time. Always think of Nina Ruge who said: In the end, everything will be fine… And if it’s not fine yet, then it’s not… exactly… the end.

Look at your life and the unpleasant moments for you with a smile. Imagine you’re being filmed and the scene is only happening so that the angels have something to laugh about. The more you get upset, the more they laugh up there. My tip would be: Watch yourself thinking and get out of the anger faster. Or don’t get so deeply involved in it in the first place.

Just always think of the Humor Weeks with the Universe. There will also be times (in the film) when everything runs super smoothly.

In this sense, I wish you a beautiful and humorous week.

Courage is Not the Absence of Fear

Courage is Not the Absence of Fear

Here I am, nine meters up in the air, facing a “flying” snowboard hanging between two trees on two ropes. My two boys have already boarded from tree to tree like pros right in front of me. Welcome to the Hohe Düne climbing forest. While I’m still figuring out the best way to jump onto the board to cross the approximately 10-meter gap between the trees, I momentarily forget the height. That helps, because fear is not a good companion in such a situation. I remember listening to an interview with Nelson Mandela many years ago in the lobby of a Disney hotel in Orlando, Florida. He probably didn’t say the following sentence in Orlando, but somewhere else. However, Nelson Mandela’s words come to mind right now: “Courage is not the absence of fear, but its triumph.”

Nelson Mandela means that true bravery is acting despite fear and facing it, rather than being completely fearless. How about you? Do you constantly confront your fear, or do you just push it away? Always hoping that it will disappear someday. Some people do this very cleverly at first glance by emptying a bottle or two of alcohol every evening. Sure, it slows down the images in their heads, making the fear feel less intense. But it doesn’t go away. Fear, like grief, waits for you. Want to distract yourself with work? Fear waits for you until you finish work. Want to distract yourself with alcohol? Fear waits for you until you’re sober again. So why not look fear in the eyes and just tackle it? Just like here in the climbing park. I can tremble, complain, and curse up there, cry or tell myself how stupid I was to come up here. But that still doesn’t get me back to the ground. It only makes my current situation more tense. Therefore, I simply focus on the next step and temporarily block out the height. It’s fascinating how easily my brain handles fear when the snowboard is on the ground. But as soon as the good piece is hanging nine meters up, panic sets in. I am secured, though. It’s similar to being on the ground. Sometimes life feels like a high ropes course. My tip: Take one step at a time and focus on what is right in front of you. Forget the possible fall height or what could happen. Because you can also break your neck on the ground if you trip over a root.

But where I am now, there is no root. I am still hanging nine meters up between two trees. “Courage is not the absence of fear, but its triumph.” So, I bravely jump towards the middle of the snowboard and almost glide like on wings from tree to tree. And on the other side, I realize once again that all the excitement was only in my head and the ride itself was fantastically great. Why did I need the fear beforehand that wanted to ruin everything? No, I didn’t need it. But I acknowledged that it was there and dealt with it. By taking the next step in the right direction. Further and further forward.

Choosing Your Own Attitude

Choosing Your Own Attitude

In the past few days, I have been consciously or unconsciously looking at the election posters on the roadside as I drive by. One term keeps popping into my view: freedom.

What I ask myself is: “Do you believe that freedom is something that has to come from outside? Something that politics should give us?”

He who asks, leads. This is an old wisdom that works wonderfully. When asking the question, I soon receive an answer. The answer comes to me in an audiobook during my drive. The author, Russ Harris, talks about Viktor Frankl, who was imprisoned in a concentration camp for a long time and wrote, among other things, the bestseller “Man’s Search for Meaning”. He said:

“You can take everything from a man. But not the choice of his own attitude.”

This sentence directly answers my question. My own attitude or, as I would say, my choice of “glasses,” determines my freedom or my limitation. And how is this “own attitude” formed? It is based on the values that are important to me in life. Could it be that a person is successful and thus free the moment they act and live according to their own values?

Ralph Waldo Emerson adds to this: “All successful men agree on one thing: they are causationists.” In other words, they see themselves as the cause and not the effect of what happens in their lives. They have recognized that they themselves cause the effects (results) through their own view of these results. It is about taking full responsibility for your own thinking and actions instead of parroting what others see as truth. Emerson goes on: “As soon as you say, ‘I have created this,’ you make it your own. You take sole responsibility. If you take responsibility for creating a situation, you are also ready to take responsibility for changing that situation. And if you take responsibility for change, you take control of your life.”

So, I would say… no further questions, Your Honor.

With these thoughts, I wish you a fantastic week filled with joy and freedom.

Faith, Thoughts, Reality: The ‘Lord’s Prayer’ Revealed

Faith, Thoughts, Reality: The ‘Lord’s Prayer’ Revealed

“Come with me to Never-Neverland, Any way you’ve chosen, Imagination holds the key, To Never-Neverland”. This week, I find myself humming the song “Never-Neverland” by the German group PUR over and over again, still wondering what it means that imagination holds the key? I wrote about this two weeks ago.

This week, I visited my mentor Neville Goddard and heard him speak about the “Lord´s Prayer”. In the broadest sense, it also concerns the imagination. Because your external reality is a 1:1 reflection of your inner reality (how you think about yourself). Or as we read in the “Book of Proverbs” in the thick storybook: “As he thinks in his heart, so is he.”

So, let’s take a closer look at the “Lord´s Prayer” together. For many decades, I assumed it was a prayer to a higher power. And through the teachings of Neville Goddard, I finally understood the metaphor behind these lines.

“Our Father”: God, the Universe, the Law, everything that is, the higher Self… (however you may call it). In other words: The one who is in charge.

“In heaven”: Where is “heaven”? Is it that blue area with the clouds directly above us? Or is “heaven” much closer? In the thick storybook it says: “For behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” And in Luke 17, 20–21 we find the details: “Now when He (Jesus or your imagination) was asked by the Pharisees (other people) when the kingdom of God would come, He answered them and said, ‘The kingdom of God does not come with observation; nor will they say, ‘See here!’ or ‘See there!’ For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you.'”

“Our Father in heaven”: This sentence represents the “divine essence” in your heart. It’s about your own self-image of yourself in your heart. Or in other words: your subconscious (because all your experiences and your self-image lie therein). And as you know from my first book, your subconscious mind guides you 95–97% of the time throughout the day. So, the subconscious mind is “the boss”, the one who is in charge. More precisely, your self-image about yourself is your “God”, who determines everything.

“Hallowed be your name”: What is “your name”? The name of “God” is your “I am”. Your “I am” in your heart (subconscious), which determines your thoughts and thus your actions. We could also say: “Hallowed be your I am” – what you think about yourself and what follows the letters “I am” in your statements. “I am a winner, I am happy, I am good enough, I am healthy…”

“Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”: Now it gets exciting. Everything follows your belief. “Your kingdom come, your will be done…” And how does “the kingdom” / “your will” (your desires, your goals, your dreams, your unconscious thoughts about yourself and what you believe to achieve… or not) come to you? “On earth as it is in heaven.” As you think about yourself in your heart (subconscious), so it will manifest in your life. The result (your life) is the result of what? Of your actions. And where do they come from? From your thoughts and feelings. So, the first point is what and how you think about yourself (your I am in your subconscious mind). Just as you think about yourself in your “heart”, so will your world outside become. If you think you can’t do it, you won’t do it, because you won’t even start. However, if you believe it is possible for you and that it will come to you, you will receive it if you direct your firm belief, your positive feelings, and your active actions towards it.

“Give us this day our daily bread”: In other words, give us today the results of our thoughts. It’s about supplying and fulfilling your own needs. Because action always follows the feeling. And the feeling is triggered by a thought. Therefore, we recognize in the “daily bread” = in the daily result in our lives, what we must think about ourselves so that this result is as it is currently. 1. Thoughts 2. Feelings 3. Action 4. Result (bread)

“And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors”: This sentence emphasizes the importance of forgiveness and letting go of negativity. What we did “wrong” yesterday was yesterday. Forget it. Forgive yourself. And forgive other people who seem to have wronged you. Because as long as you hold on to negative and unwanted things, you have no hand free for new things. Let it go. Otherwise, you continue to take the poison daily and hope that the other person will drop dead. And that won’t happen.

“And do not lead us into temptation but deliver us from evil”: This is about the desire for guidance and protection from negative influences. “Evil” is not an external force or a little man with red horns, but rather disbelief based on your past. “I can’t, because back then I experienced…” Deliver me from this negative thinking (about myself) and do not lead me into temptation to continue to believe in this negativity, because otherwise my actions will continue to be restricted by it.

“For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever”: Here the power of your own consciousness and the role of your imagination in shaping your own reality are emphasized. “For yours” – your self-image, is “the kingdom” – what you will see in the world as a result. “And the power” – all power comes from your “I am” (self-image in the subconscious). “And the glory” – your own thoughts create your world, and this will be so “forever”. Your way of thinking determines your way of living. Or in other words; The quality of your thoughts (about yourself and the world) determines the quality of your life. “As he thinks in his heart, so is he.” (Book of Proverbs).

“Amen”: The translation of “Amen” is “So be it”. A confirmation that your life (the result) is always a result of your thinking. And this thinking is guided by your opinion about yourself (your self-image).

In this sense, it would be a very useful idea for you to consider from now on exactly what you think and say about yourself. Because your actions will follow exactly this “belief”. Small belief = small action = small results. Great belief = great action = great results. I know you can be greater … or should I say… GRÄTER. 

And you already know this sentence from me. It’s from Henry Ford and sums everything up nicely:

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t: you’re right.”


Best regards and have a wonderful week in the new Never-Neverland of all possibilities.