As a motivational keynote speaker and mental health expert I am here to support your team get a new perspectives in regards to creativity, motivation and teamwork.
It is time to ignite your real greatness.

Norman Gräter als Strahlemann

I’ve always been a shining light…

As a child, I already was radiating in all the photos, as if only today existed. In my dreams, I was in a special forces unit and helped others in need. Funny how life always brings you what you want. Just in a slightly different form.

Of course, I wasn’t always a gamechanger for myself and others.

I was corporately employed at the Würth company for 24 years. 16 years of which in their in-house event agency called marbet.

My worldwide work with more than 370,000 participants in more than 150 events and incentives was great. Leading international teams and creating sustainable and emotional events are the basis for what I do today and my award-winning communication with myself and others.

Thanks to my high level of loyalty and the trust of the Würth family, I was asked to plan and host the most important private events for the family (that officially never happened).

I was the man for the special ops.

Norman Gräter mit Prof. Dr. h.c. Reinhold Würth
Norman Gräter vor dem Tourbus

During my vacations, I was often on tour with bands and artists. I was fascinated by them doing their magic on people, and very often, music supported their work.

When I am fascinated with something, there is only one direction. Full throttle forward.

And yet, there was a small voice inside me that there must be more out there. I wanted to change the world positively. But how? I didn’t have the talent to be on stage myself. Well, since there are no coincidences, I accepted a suggestion from a colleague.

“Norman, why don’t you give a lecture to all of our colleagues? Everything you always tell me about enthusiasm, motivation, and goal achievement is super helpful.” Sure, I’d be happy to. The lecture turned out to be an emotional journey towards becoming greater. And my goal was to make everyone cry.

Get me right – it was about touching people in their hearts because only then is the chance for change possible. Then I stood there on the stage and looked into 210 pairs of eyes … and I knew that I had arrived. It was just a feeling that the world needed me right here.

Norman Gräter Vortrag 2014-2

Hm, should I follow my head or my gut now? Secure job (head) or follow the feeling (gut)? I quit my safe job and started my own speaker and coaching business with a unique worldwide project. To fill the Porsche Arena in Stuttgart with 6,000 people in just six years. My goal: to show people how you can achieve any goal in life.

I spoke to over 400 celebrities (Michelle Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Pam Anderson, Sly Stallone …) to learn and test their perspective on a successful life on this journey.

Well, then March 12th, 2020, came, and Covid-19 showed up. My show was banned 12 days before the performance. At that moment, I totally collapsed.

For two days, I was down and out until a friend gave me a change of perspective.

Norman Gräter trifft Promis

To cut a long story short…

Today I am better off in all areas of life than ever before. I use 20% of my previous working hours to do 100% of my work and earn 80% more. And I am fully in love with myself. I have my life and my freedom back instead of just making everyone else happy. More time for the people and tasks that are important to me.

What I was doing is so practical and life-changing that even Hollywood has taken up my unique story. Including my easy and quickly realizable AnkeR ™ method for changing your perspectives toward within. Now soon, there is a Hollywood blockbuster film about it. In addition to my three awards as a European champion in public speaking, I will soon be on the screen. Norman goes Hollywood. So while I’m being interviewed for the script, let’s get to the most important thing of all …


„Do more of what really makes you happy.“

Unfortunately, many companies are stuck in their everyday work. Creativity, thinking big and allowing new ways are often left behind due to daily requirements. Peoples enthusiasm for their own company suffers more and more every day due to their lack of mental health.

How good is a lighthouse that hangs entirely in the fog? Does it still shine from the inside out?  Probably not. Instead of shining, your employees are in a headlock—crazy shit.

What would Chuck Norris do now?

Do you want your team to get back into their full strength and show their full enthusiasm for what they are doing? Should the shout, “Dear God, what a great company I work for?” You need a change of perspective.

Then let’s bring the greatness back.

Through my work I support the Unstoppable Foundation financially every month, which creates a safer and fairer world for all through sustainable education for children and communities in developing countries. Supporting people to help themselves is the key to start a ripple effect that helps all of us. That I practice every day in my work.

Chuck Norris und Norman Gräter

So, let’s get serious. If you really want to regain your teams passion, want new perspectives that broaden their thinking, that thereby they better understand themselves and others while being more enthusiastic about their (professional) life again, then you are at the right place.

I can help you 100%!


Book now your motivational keynote speech today.

Norman also works 1: 1 with selected entrepreneurs and companies to make their goals and visions come true faster. You can find these and other services (video courses, appreciation gifts, writing press releases, etc.) on the Be Yourself Academy GmbH website.

Motivational Keynote Speaker Norman Gräter in the media

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