Stronger Together: Make Me Feel Important

An emotional, authentic, and sustainable motivational lecture for a better working atmosphere through increased appreciation. For more employee recognition, team building, and value-based leadership.

Motivational Lecture “Stronger Together: Make Me Feel Important”

Many employees perceive a lack of appreciation for their work and personal development in their companies. Often, the company’s focus is solely on the product, price, and labor, while the person behind the employee is neglected in this context. The resulting dissatisfaction and lack of motivation among employees are factual in many companies. Norman Gräter, an expert in mental health and motivation, emphasizes in his compelling lecture the necessity for companies to recognize the essential role of the human behind the employee. Only through the commitment of high-quality employees can a company survive in the long run in the tough competition. Become a Caring Company and book the lecture “Stronger Together: Make Me Feel Important” now.

The Significance of Appreciation

In companies lacking team spirit, this is not only felt by employees but also by customers. A positive buying experience arises only when customers feel that employees present their product with enthusiasm and that appreciation is paramount. Leaders play a crucial role in motivating and inspiring employees, leading to peak performance and increased profits. This positive dynamic significantly enhances both employee and customer satisfaction.

Winning Employees as Fans

Employee identification with their company leads them to enjoy coming to work and be willing to contribute more than their job description entails. But how do companies succeed in turning team members, employees, or customers into genuine fans in the long run? This is achieved by conveying the feeling of being seen and heard. People are at the center of the company, especially with a view to the future, where forecasts indicate that by 2030, over 6.5 million jobs will remain unfilled. Only companies actively caring for the well-being of the people behind the employees will be successful in the long run.

Tools for Sustainable Employee Appreciation

Norman Gräter, keynote speaker and expert in mental health and motivation, shares practical ideas and tools in his captivating lecture on how companies can appropriately appreciate their employees to permanently increase performance. Only motivated employees are capable of delivering outstanding performance.

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What does the motivational lecture change? 

1. Appreciation and Employee Motivation
2. Team Spirit and Customer Satisfaction
3. Increased Identification with the Company
4. Rising Employee Engagement
5. Ensuring Future Viability
6.Higher Employee Retention

What skills are acquired after the motivational lecture?

1. Using appreciation more effectively
2. Leaving a positive impact as a leader
3. Generating ideas to bring joy to others
4. Tools for goal pursuit
5. Increasing service to other people
6. Being more enthusiastic


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Norman Gräter als Strahlemann

Norman Gräter – The Inspirator

Norman Gräter, a multiple award-winning keynote speaker and three-time European champion in public speaking, stands out for his intuitive and captivating ability to inspire people for lasting change effortlessly. As an expert in mental health and motivation, bestselling author, C-level consultant, and inspirer for companies and individuals seeking a perspective shift to bring more joy back into their lives, he is the ideal speaker for everything related to “authentic appreciation in the workplace.”

With his motto “Joy in life = Success at work,” he emphasizes the significance of positive life management for professional success. In addition to his training as an NLP master, hypnosis coach, and communication trainer, Norman Gräter showcases in his exceptionally inspiring, emotional, and authentic presentations how goal achievement works through increased enthusiasm, once you start believing in yourself. He underscores that only those who recognize their own worth can experience the best in both their professional and private lives.

Internationally, Norman Gräter is booked by companies such as PayPal, Bosch, DAIMLER, Viessmann, DACHSER, TUI Cruises, Würth, and many others. He illustrates how even small changes in one’s mindset can lead to achieving the maximum, creating a positive ripple effect for all involved.

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