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    Rules for contacting Norman Gräter

    Hello friend,

    thank you for reaching out. I appreciate that you want to personally get in touch with me.

    To save both of us valuable lifetime let me share with you my personal rules of engagement that must be fulfilled before I go into any call, meeting or whatsoever with you.

    1. Make sure that you exactly know what you want from me. And tell me about it before hand, that I can decide, if I want to gift you with some of my lifetime.
    2. You are aware, that our talk is about the topic you want to share. Any kind of coaching’s, tips, ideas, creative stuff and so from my side comes with an investment for you. Please let me know beforehand that you are aiming on becoming more enthusiastic, happy, successful, healthy… that I can prepare an invoice for our time together. If you trick me into it, I charge you afterwards without further notice.
    3. If you desire to get advice or coaching, please book my company consulting program for entrepreneurs (Your investment: 25.000 Euro plus tax) or book a coaching hour with me (Your investment: 1.100 Euro plus tax).

    Please read this part as well, in case you fall under one of those points

    1. I am interested in things related to my core line of interest which is personal development with a spiritual point of view, enthusiasm, and appreciation.
    2. Every other business idea not related to this topic, any kind of network marketing offers, being a consultant for someone else or an affiliate – please note: GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. If I should become interested in that, I will find you.
    3. I am a fan of emails. Please choose this way to get in touch with me first. My email address can be found on my homepage. If you should not invest the time to check out my page, then don´t write me. So, it might be smart to have a look at my page first instead of opening your e-mail with “Hi, what exactly do you do?”
    4. When we will have a meeting: I am a fan of Zoom calls as I want to see the person I talk to. So please get your technical devises ready for that.

    Free Events, sponsored events or any other funny things that have nothing to do with serious business

    1. “Norman, I have this great event. Would you come to speak for free?” Try this with your baker, butcher, grocery story and all the other suppliers for the event. Are they supplying their goods for free? In case you didn´t get the message. I am happy to come and speak at your event. Just expect my regular invoice (6.500 Euro plus tax & travel).
    2. Online vs. Offline – “Can I have a discount, because the event is online?” The knowledge I share is the same. Therefore, my answer is no.
    3. “I have this great event and you can be a guest speaker. Your investment is only xx Euro/US Dollar/Pound…” Thanks for the offer and NO thank you. You pay me to be there and not the other way around.

    A special note for family, friends and lovely people I know from wherever

    “Am I getting a discount as we know each other?” My offer to you: You pay the same price or double. Why double? Then I hear less of “Yes, but…” from you. You choose the package – regular or friendly double special.  smile

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    Husemannstr. 7
    D-10435 Berlin

    Phone: +49 (0)7940 797 05 58

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