Today Is The Best Day Of My Life

An emotional, authentic, and sustainable motivational lecture that guides you more easily through change. For increased resilience, overcoming challenges, and personal as well as professional growth.

Motivational Lecture “Today is the Best Day of My Life”

External pressures are rising, and there seems to be no clear vision of how the current circumstances can positively change. The perplexity within companies results in unmet goals and demotivated, exhausted employees. Norman Gräter, motivational speaker and expert in mental health and motivation, understands these challenges from his own professional journey. In his inspiring lecture, the 5-star speaker shares ways to bring new energy and motivation to each employee and the team. He focuses on giving hope to demotivated individuals and presenting positive perspectives by directing attention to the positive aspects within the company and eliminating space for negative thoughts. Because today is the best day of my life.

Gaining the Trust of Employees

To regain trust in the company’s strategy, it is crucial to change the entrenched perspective. Viewing things through a positive (blue) lens can work wonders and open up new perspectives. Rediscovering joy and purpose in work occurs when acting with courage and personal responsibility. Self-reflection plays a central role in strengthening self-confidence, learning to trust, and improving communication skills. Being enthusiastic and authentic becomes possible when living in harmony with oneself and one’s actions. The lecture provides a simple guide for this.

Success through Resilience

The key to success lies not in the challenges themselves but in the ability to make quick and sound decisions and emerge strengthened from them. While the setback itself may be unavoidable, one can control their reaction to it.

Making Better and Faster Decisions

Motivational speaker Norman Gräter experienced this painfully firsthand. Six years of intensive work and the planning of a unique show were abruptly derailed overnight by the impact of COVID-19. However, Norman Gräter managed to reinvent himself in the shortest possible time after this stroke of fate and emerge stronger. His life story is now being brought to the big screen by an Oscar-winning Hollywood producer. What if every setback is the setup for an entirely new chapter in (business) life? Learn in the lecture how to undergo a change in perspective in the shortest time possible.

Norman Gräter Motivationsvortrag Heute ist der schönste Tag meines Lebens2

What does the motivational lecture change?

1. Positively changes motivation within the team
2. Provides positive perspectives and self-reflection
3. Strengthens personal responsibility and communication skills
4. Enhances crisis management and personal development
5. Encourages a change in perspective
6. Builds more trust in the positive

What skills are gained after the motivational lecture?

1. Increased self-reflection
2. Improved communication skills
3. Strengthened self-confidence
4. Learning to trust
5. Putting on the blue glasses whenever necessary
6. Working and living more enthusiastically

Norman Gräter Motivationsvortrag Heute ist der schönste Tag meines Lebens1
Norman Gräter als Strahlemann

Norman Gräter – The Inspirator

Norman Gräter, a multiple award-winning keynote speaker and three-time European champion in public speaking, is distinguished by his intuitive and captivating approach, making it easy for people to be inspired for lasting change. As an expert in mental health and motivation, successful book author, C-level consultant, and inspirer for both companies and individuals seeking a change in perspective to experience more joy in life, he is the ideal motivational speaker.

With his motto “Joy in life = Success in the job,” he emphasizes the importance of positive life leadership for professional success. In addition to his training as an NLP master, hypnosis coach, and communication trainer, Norman Gräter, in his exceptionally inspiring, emotional, and authentic speeches, demonstrates how enthusiasm can help achieve goals. He underscores that self-belief is the key and that recognizing one’s own value is essential for experiencing the best in both professional and personal life.

Internationally, Norman Gräter is booked by companies such as PayPal, Bosch, DAIMLER, Viessmann, DACHSER, TUI Cruises, Würth, and many others. He illustrates how even small changes in one’s mindset can reach maximum potential, creating a positive ripple effect for all involved.

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