Heart Over Mind: More Meaning – More Value

An emotional, authentic, and sustainable motivational lecture that guides you on touching people’s hearts. For more value-based leadership, visionary guidance, and employee inspiration.

Motivational Lecture Heart over Mind: More Meaning – More Value

In a time where a shortage of skilled workers and personnel scarcity shapes the corporate landscape, companies cannot afford to have their employees unmotivated and disinterested in their work. Often, leaders face the challenge of motivating existing employees and attracting new talents to the company. Norman Gräter, motivational speaker and expert in mental health and motivation, knows from personal experience how to regain a positive attitude and be driven to peak performance. In his inspiring lecture, he provides crucial insights for companies to inspire their workforce for corporate guidelines and ideas. Heart over Mind – more meaning, more value.

The power of new ideas

Motivation through numbers, data, and facts belongs to the past. Nowadays, companies and leaders must inspire their employees with fresh ideas. It is particularly important to strengthen the sense of belonging among employees and connect it with a value-based corporate culture. This combination can work wonders for employees. Once the foundations for a motivation strategy supported by employees are laid, a strong corporate vision is unstoppable.

Inspiration for personal peak performance

What motivates people to achieve personal peak performance? A clear goal that is worth getting up for. And the strong emotional desire to achieve this goal. How do emotionally strong companies manage to turn employees and customers into true fans? Employees who know they are in the right workplace and the right company deliver peak performances and are consistently motivated.

The importance of values in the company

Keynote Speaker Norman Gräter, with extensive experience as a manager in a company with a pronounced culture and value structure, understands the importance of these elements for strong employee motivation. In his captivating lecture, he provides answers to questions such as “Which values ​​must be clearly formulated and lived in the company?”, “How does a leader inspire his team?” and “Why does all of this have nothing to do with the product or service?”. Through this lecture, companies enhance the productivity of their employees and promote a positive atmosphere and improved working climate.

Norman Gräter Motivationsvortrag Gemeinsam stärker Make Me Feel Important 3

What changes with the motivational lecture?

1. Creating lived corporate values
2. Recognition of strategies for employee motivation
3. Conveying clear goals and visions
4. More enthusiasm through clarity and transparency
5. Increased employee motivation
6. Long-term employee retention

What skills are gained after the motivational lecture?

1. Knowledge for building the four essential pillars of a brand
2. The ability to intrinsically motivate employees
3. More empowerment through the knowledge of being in the right workplace in the right company
4. Increased enthusiasm through clarity for daily professional life
5. Better tools for more effective team spirit
6. The knowledge of how everyone can be the change they desire

Norman Gräter Motivationsvortrag Herz über Kopf mehr Sinn mehr Wert
Norman Gräter als Strahlemann

Norman Gräter – The Inspirator

Norman Gräter is a multi-award-winning keynote speaker and three-time European champion in public speaking. What sets him apart? Well, he stands out for his intuitive and captivating ability to inspire people to change easily and permanently. As an expert in mental health and motivation, successful author, C-level consultant, and inspirer for companies and individuals seeking a shift in perspective to rediscover more meaning and joy in their lives. A motivational speaker and inspirer through and through.

With his motto “Joy in life = Success in the job,” he emphasizes the importance of a positive approach to life for professional success. In addition to his training as an NLP master, hypnosis coach, and communication trainer, Norman Gräter, in his exceptionally inspiring, emotional, and authentic presentations, illustrates how goal achievement works through increased enthusiasm, once you begin to believe in yourself. He underscores that only those who recognize their own worth will experience the best in both their professional and personal lives.

Norman Gräter is booked globally by companies such as PayPal, Bosch, DAIMLER, Viessmann, DACHSER, TUI Cruises, Würth, and many others. He demonstrates how even small changes in one’s mindset can achieve the maximum, creating a positive ripple effect for all involved.

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