As the New Year begins, many of us have lofty goals that we want to achieve. Whether it’s starting a business, getting fitter, or letting go of an addiction. Various obstacles often stand in our way, which at first glance make it difficult for us to stay motivated. Sometimes a little extra motivation and an inspiring story helps to believe in our cause.

My Mentor Les Brown tells the story of two friends who join the military together and promise to always be there for each other. One day, while one of them is out with a battalion, the soldiers are ambushed, and the friend goes missing. The other immediately sets out on his own to look for him. When the comrades visit the battlefield the next day, they find him there. He holds his dead friend in his arms and is badly wounded himself. His commander asks him: “Why did you do that? Look what happened to you. Was that necessary?” He replies with a smile, “Yes. When I found him yesterday, he was still alive and told me, ‘I knew you would come and find me.’ So, it was all worth it.”

When I heard Les’ story while standing in the bathroom a few days ago, I had tears in my eyes. Because this story reminds me that we should always pursue our dreams, no matter what obstacles come our way. All too often we let ourselves be thrown off at the first impasse. Whatever your promise to yourself or others about your goal, you will have found deep meaning in setting that goal. The soldiers’ goal of being there for one another transcended even their own lives. Whether that is good or bad, right, or wrong, only the person who sets the goal decides.

With every goal, it is also necessary to take certain risks and always courageously pursue the goal. Do you have the necessary bite to go over certain hurdles? Even when things seem impossible at first, unexpected rewards can be just around the corner. If and only if… we have enough confidence and know exactly what we want to achieve. Only when your own reason is strong enough will you make clear and quick decisions to achieve it. The clearer your goal, the clearer your willingness to make decisions.

This story also reminds me that we all need the support of those around us on the way to our goal. It doesn’t matter whether it’s friends or mentors who give us advice for a change of perspective. Just ask for help when you need it! In the words of Alcoholics Anonymous, “You can only do it alone, but you cannot do it alone.” Taking the first step is always your responsibility. Just staying on the right path requires a great deal of willpower, which you often cannot muster on your own. Please find a suitable group of people who will offer you the necessary support on this path.

Maybe the beginning of 2023 is the right time for a commitment to yourself. And maybe my book “I AM GRÄTER” will support you on your way to greatness. Whatever you do – always believe in yourself and go your way.

Best regards and I wish you a great start in this new year – the best year ever.