„I would not dare to tell anyone about a movie that is not done yet…“ This was a lovely advice from an artist colleague of mine. Maybe you saw my according video to that the other day.

You know, I really respect and appreciate this lady. Still, in my mind I had to say “stop it”. Her experience in this business is based on her own life story. And her story does not need to become my story. Honestly, I was awarded with three European Championships in Public Speaking because I used the same method. I am booked to speak on this current cruise due to the same method. In both cases I spoke about it, months and weeks before it actually occurred. I was so sure that it will happen the way I can already see it in my mind. Why change a winning system? Why go with someone else´s advice, if you have found your own formula for success?

Just think about that short idea this week. Is your opinion more important or another person´s opinion? Because whatever you give attention to, will grow. If you focus on lack and limitation, that is, what you will receive.

Have a wonderful week and stay focused on your goals and dreams.

“If you believe it, you can do it” Walt Disney