What a great week it was again. The best weather and happy people everywhere you look. It’s interesting how the mood lifts when you can do “your thing” again. Right? Beer gardens are open. Ice cream stores are full. And whatever the great people on the street are doing to be happy.

Motivational video of the week
At the beginning of the week, I tried out the kids’ water pistols. You can find my short video here (in case you haven’t seen it).

What would you love?

My tip in the video is, “Do more of what makes you really happy.” So it goes very well with today and the headline “Do your thing.” Tell me, what’s your thing? Yes, I know. Your company. Just very deep in your heart, there’s something else you’ve wanted to do for a long time and always had excuses. Am I right?

Go for your dream

When I was translating my German book “Achieving goals for high potentials” into English over the past few weeks, I read something about goals that I had written four years ago. Basically, it was the following: “Big dreams often scare us (not you, of course). Your brain is often scared because of the enormous steps. Let’s assume you would like to start your heart project, but first, you need a homepage. Then a finished and perfect product. And one more thing. And another thing. My friend, if you wait for it to be perfect, you will never start. Start with a small step. For example, instead of exercising five times a week, do a few squats while brushing your teeth. You can do that. The other idea affects your schedule so massively that you don’t feel like it before it even started. And from there, you expand it further.”

Follow your heart

What I mean; follow your secret dream. Just take a step closer. That’s enough for today. And tomorrow, you take the next step. Follow your gut instinct and do something more for yourself again. Yeah, for the handsome guy in the mirror. Take your time now, because hoping that you will have more time “later”… well … I don’t believe that. And you neither. So – get started now and do more of what makes you really happy.