Is it possible that faith moves mountains? Yesterday I asked this question to the 50 exclusive participants of an absolutely gigantic speaker workshop in Birmingham, England, to which I was invited as an expert on the topic of “influence”.

The people with the most influence have faith. Faith in what? First of all, think about yourself and the things you do. Your counterpart can feel your energy and directly knows if someone believes in themselves. He also senses when you still have doubts or are unsure about who or what you are or do. And the old sales rule applies here: The answer of a confused mind is always “No.” Only if the faith within you is as great as you want it to be on the outside will you attract the right people to your cause and have the success you want. Faith is also directly related to your wallet. 

At the beginning of last week, Anke and I gave our first online workshop for our fantastic exclusive group of people who want to get their message out into the world through better speaking. There we even went one step further in matters of faith. I said, “Speaking is bringing the WORDS and the ENERGY behind your words to your dream clients. This in turn leads to: magnetism, trust, connection and FAITH.” Because the customer doesn’t buy your product or service. Not even close. What he “buys” beforehand is the faith that you or your product will bring him what he wants. Therefore, starting out is all about creating a connection between you and a dream client. How? Among other things, through MMFI (anyone who has read the last newsletter carefully knows what the four letters stand for). Our new speakers also thought that we would talk directly about the structure of a lecture or about nicer Powerpoint slides. No. Only when you know who you are and for whom, they will trust and therefore faith arise. The first thing for the speakers and CEOS is to create a personal brand that I can trust. Otherwise, the words will be nice, but not very effective. If we want to reach people’s hearts, they need to have faith that I am or have the right solution. Without faith there is no trust. Without trust there can be no connection. Without connection there is no success.

With that in mind, greetings from Birmingham and start believing in yourself even more. Because only when you believe in yourself will others do.