Did you have a nice week in this wonderful weather?

I had a great week and was able to inspire people in Hohenschwangau, Wernigerode and Würzburg. What was the connecting element? That the reality was turned upside down for some people. 

“I’m glad when we finally go on winter vacation in November”. A common sentence that people say every day in this or a similar way. Only when something happens – then I do feel better. Have you ever sat down in front of a fireplace and said; “Dear fireplace. Warm up. And if that works, I’ll go, get wood and light it up.” It’s nice that you’re smiling now. It would be pretty stupid to say such an unrealistic thing to the fireplace, right? Won´t fly. First, you need wood, then a match and in the end you have a cozy and warm place.

Back to our main sentence. “I’m glad when we finally go on winter vacation again”. Do you notice that this sentence follows the same principle? Something has to happen first, and only then then I will give something. What about the thought of being happy, joyful, loving … today? Then the upcoming weeks will be a lot more fun instead of you being frustrated. 

“If you follow the way to your goal, you will have immediate success.”

I love this sentence from Esther Hicks. Have a goal to define the direction. And then have fun along the way. With every step. Then reaching the goal is a nice thing and you basically don’t need it anymore. Why? You were already joyful and happy the weeks before.