Last Monday, we noticed something with our Caribbean Rebels: It seems to be Humor Weeks with the Universe right now. Many of our wonderful community members are experiencing, despite their positive mindset… let’s say, interesting things. The beautiful thing is that we all no longer let ourselves be completely thrown off balance like we used to, but instead, we handle it with a smile (at least in retrospect).

And that’s exactly what I want to highlight this week. What if life were a show like “Surprise Surprise” There’s a universe above you, and it wants to play a prank on you every now and then. Why? Because many angels are watching you, and just like a movie, it’s boring if your life only runs smoothly. If your life were really a movie, viewers would switch off after a few minutes out of boredom if everything was running smoothly. Anke loves those Netflix Christmas movies that sometimes don’t have a major conflict in the story. Boooooring, I say. We want conflict. We want action. We want a happy ending. Now back to your life. Aren’t there all these moments? “Well, Norman, I haven’t had a happy ending yet. I haven’t achieved my goals and wishes…” Thank you for your open and honest thoughts. But are you planning to check out already? I would say your film can continue for a few more decades, right? And when does the happy ending happen in the film? In the middle? Maybe sometimes. But what happens then? The rest of the film drifts along boringly. We all create throughout the course of our lives. Therefore, we still have time. Always think of Nina Ruge who said: In the end, everything will be fine… And if it’s not fine yet, then it’s not… exactly… the end.

Look at your life and the unpleasant moments for you with a smile. Imagine you’re being filmed and the scene is only happening so that the angels have something to laugh about. The more you get upset, the more they laugh up there. My tip would be: Watch yourself thinking and get out of the anger faster. Or don’t get so deeply involved in it in the first place.

Just always think of the Humor Weeks with the Universe. There will also be times (in the film) when everything runs super smoothly.

In this sense, I wish you a beautiful and humorous week.