I’m a lucky one. And so are you. So, “I’m a lucky one” applies to you too. Great, then we’re already two lucky ones. “I don´t know Norman. Just take a look at my life and career. Luck has little to do with it.” Ok, thanks for your honesty. And what do you think is the reason for that? Before you start blaming bosses, neighbors, partners, children, or even your in-laws, let me ask you a question.

When you want to print a letter, you first think about the content, then you type your thoughts into a Word document and finally click on Print. What’s in your printer then?

Exactly, a letter. What else? It’s so logical when you know it, isn’t it? Letter desired, letter considered, letter written, letter printed. Letter there.

As long as you have the belief “I believe what I see,” your formula for “I’m a lucky one” won’t work. Because you’re saying that you only believe what you see. Those are the self-proclaimed realists among us. “I’m a realist. I only believe what I see and not your woo-woo and esoteric stuff with positive thinking and all that BS. I’ll believe it when I see that luck is on my side.” Well, that probably ain´t gonna happen. 

If it’s not “I believe what I see,” then what’s the more meaningful phrase? “I see what I believe.” Wayne Dyer, one of my great mentors, even wrote a book about it. “You see it when you believe it.”

“I see what I believe” is the right order. Not the other way around, “I believe what I see.” Or as a friend of mine said to me a few days ago: “Norman, if I had your great lifestyle, then…” I had to laugh. You can’t copy my lifestyle. Because what you see originated in my thoughts. The result, what you see today, is just the natural product of my thoughts and actions.

Let’s go back to the letter again, then you’ll understand what I mean. “I only believe in the letter when I see it.” Great. But you should write it first. Otherwise, you can’t see anything. “No, I want to see it first and make sure it’s there. Then I’ll write it.” Um, you’ll only be able to see it if you write and print it.

This brings us to the best news of all time: You are not a victim of fate or other people (externally), but at most (until yesterday) a victim of your own beliefs (internally). That’s exactly why I’m a lucky one. And so are you. Why? Because then the joy, the luck, and a wonderful life are 100% in my hand or in my thoughts. Let the world be crazy. As long as your mind is clear and knows what it wants, you’ll be able to see the result through repeated actions on your part. Just like the letter first originates in your head before it can be in the printer. Is there a time difference between idea/belief and “seeing”? Yes. But the longer you wait with the first step, the longer it takes to get to the last step.

So, ask yourself: What do I believe about myself and the world? Is this world a party, a dance, a joy, or the exact opposite? Whatever it is for you, I’m a lucky one. That’s my belief. Because if I anchor that in my thoughts and see the world through the eyes of a lucky one, then something beautiful will come out of it in the end.

In this sense – start to see and feel yourself as a lucky one. Or don’t. You have your life in your own hands… or rather in your head. 😊