It is Thursday 23 June 2022 and the clock shows 6:22 p.m. There is a small platform 50 centimeters in front of me. A chair is positioned slightly to the right, to the left of it is a small bar table with three cosmetic products, all of which bear the inscription KEYS. “YOU ARE RESILIENT” is written on the back wall. While I’m still daydreaming, she comes. The Queen of Soul herself. Alicia Keys.

I mean Queen of Soul in a double meaning. Soul as a genre of music and soul as of soul. After hearing Alicia’s biography, “More Myself – A Journey”, I literally fell in love – with her soul. So today I’m going to get a little closer to that soul.

Alicia asks us where we are from and how we are doing. “Who has a question?” A question? hundreds. Well, let’s start with the first one. Or with the first two. “Hey Alicia, I’m Norman.” She smiles. “Hi Norman.” “For me you live your soul plan. How do you keep yourself connected to the higher power on a daily basis and what do you do in this world with so many interesting people who just go the old way with hardship, struggles and selfishness?” Now she laughs. “Interesting people. Very nicely worded. I’d rather say “f*#@ing people.”

I would like to give you part of her answer. The second question with the interesting people. “I sorted out some people for this tour. Some that had a weird energy and somehow always brought in turmoil over the past few years. Both energetically and humanly. So, this is by far my best tour, because this time only the right people will be there.”

It’s just impossible to create something that is of a higher quality than the quality of the people around you. If your environment keeps you small and doesn’t believe in you, your success is very difficult to implement. Make sure you have the right people around you.