In the past two weeks I was able to give nine lectures and seven workshops on the Mein Schiff Herz cruise ship and touched many hearts again. A question that has run through all these days and will continue to do so is: Why am I here?

Let me give you a very brief answer on this. To be yourself instead of being a bad copy or wanting to be a version of someone else. That is why you are here on this planet.

So simple and yet so challenging for many. Just being myself, right? Is it easier to conform than to be authentic? To copy instead of being innovative? Always wanting to please everyone and completely drowning yourself in the process?

According to the Law of Sowing and Reaping, it is impossible to get what you want while focusing on what you don’t want.

And where is the cause of it all? In your (hidden) thoughts. Although they are not so hidden if you just look at your current life. This shows you exactly which thoughts are active or passive at work in your head. For this reason, we will be doing reverse engineering in our German Caribbean Rebel Community Call tomorrow. In other words, find out why you might not be where you want to be today. Because if you know where your starting point is, you can calculate the way to your destination more easily. The goal of being even more authentic and even more yourself.

What do your results show you about your thoughts? Think about it.