“You gave me more in your workshop than I received after a year of therapy for my depression in the clinic. I finally have the tools to help me…”

I heard these words from a participant in my workshops on board Mein Schiff 2 while we were cruising the Caribbean. The key to achieve a goal is not just knowing the goal, as assumed (which already causes headaches for many people). There is something even more important than the goal itself. What is that?

Quiz question: If you have a navigation system at hand and want to go to Berlin; what do you need before you can start your journey? Yes, you need navigation system, maybe a car, something to drink… All right. I don’t mean that. That the journey only goes 1cm forward you have to know where you are right now. Without this information, the navigation system cannot calculate anything at all. Maybe you still remember the first generation of navigation devices. If your TomTom device had no network when you started driving, you were screwed. Do I exit the parking lot left or right?

How is a safe calculation to your destination supposed to take place if you don’t know your current location? 

That’s where the magic is. You must know where you are, who you are and what drives you through your life. And only then do we look at your goals and dreams and how you can get there. Because the version you are today can only achieve what you are today. Do you have other wishes? Then you need to change. Otherwise it won’t work.

If you have never done the value test, you won´t be able to know your current location. I invite you to download my five free gifts and find out, where you are right now in life.

As I look out of my cabin and perceive the vastness of the sea, I am deeply touched and grateful that my being in this great world makes other people’s lives easier, more beautiful and better. I’m living my dream and still fulfilling a greater purpose. Do you want that too? Let’s go.

Greetings in the snow from sunny St. Lucia.