I keep hearing the question of how to get more visibility in the market in order to be seen even more. Is it the tenth Facebook post that makes the difference? Or another 500 Euros more with google AdWords? It may all work out…or it may not. I want to give you what I consider to be the best advice I received from my speaker mentor Les Brown: “Get so damn good at what you do that you can’t be ignored in the market anymore. And stop comparing yourself to others.” 

I gave you a few thoughts on the second part of his saying last week. So, today I want to talk about the first part. “Become so damn good at what you do that you can’t be overlooked in the market anymore.” That’s when some people get scared straight away. “Oh dear, there’s definitely no more space at the top.” Is that so? Wayne Dyer always said: There is always a space at the extra mile.

What if you did what you love so long and often that people automatically notice you as a specialist? Because as soon as you follow your heart and do exactly your thing, this path is a very easy one.

During my time as an event manager, I enjoyed going on music tours. That was exactly my thing. To be very close to unique people who managed to move the masses through their music. Make them laugh, sing, cry, clap. Back then I was (as still are today) the best sign gluer on the planet. Whenever the artists and crew came into a new venue, nobody knew their way around. I was the first scout to get an overview and then put up signs everything. Where are the toilets, where are the dressing rooms, where is the stage, where are the buses, where is the catering, etc. I always (as I was told) put up a forest of signs. There was rarely a corner, curve or straight that you could have lost your way on. There were signs everywhere, showing you every conceivable route to every place. Was this building block part of the fact that a few years later I was promoted from a show intern to an international tour manager? Hell yeah.

If your heart is in the right place, you will always succeed. This brings me to the question of the week: What are you investing your lifetime and heart in? Is it for your cause that you burn for? Or for gossip about the misery of this world? Whatever your focus, you will experience more stuff in that area. Therefore, choose wisely.