Do you ever wonder what sets the winners of this world apart? What do they do to be so upbeat every day and practically glide through life? What exactly makes winners?

Reverend Ike´s sucess tip

The wonderful and unfortunately late Reverend Ike summed it up many years ago: “The most important thing in the world is what you believe about yourself. Your entire experience is constructed from what you believe. It doesn’t matter what other people believe about you. What matters is what you believe about yourself.”

What you believe you will receive 

What he’s telling us is that our whole current life is based on what we believed about ourselves in the past. If we believed we would never find a partner, we don’t have one today. Because who wants to be with someone who constantly complains, “Nobody wants me anyway”? If we believed that others are always better or luckier, we’ll know many people who, from our perspective, have had “more luck” and are accordingly better than we are.

Winner winner chicken dinner 

So, what makes us a future winner? Start believing something different about ourselves. Always remember my son Philip’s favorite saying: “You’re only a superhero when you think you are.” Only when you start believing in yourself, your goals and desires today, will you be able to experience them tomorrow.

Think positive 

What made this belief in myself so challenging until yesterday? In a world full of opinions, expectations, and external judgments, it’s easy to lose faith in oneself. Forget the judgment of other people. What matters is your opinion of your abilities and possibilities. And precisely the answer to the question: Do I believe I can have or achieve these goals and dreams?

 “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” – Henry Ford

When you believe in yourself, you can move mountains. This pushes your self-doubts into the background, and you will begin to unleash your full potential. Because believing in yourself is the anchor that gives you stability in stormy times and gives you the courage to pursue your dreams step by step.

Step by step towards your goal 

Because every long journey begins with the first step. If you continue in this direction every day, you’ll get closer to your goal. If you stand still or even go back, you’ll end up somewhere else. Choose consciously to give positive thoughts more space. Remember that you are unique and great, no matter what your current result in life shows. Your thinking, feeling and actions of the past days or weeks may have been unhappy and therefore led to an unpleasant result. However, you as a person remain unique and beautiful. Remind yourself of this every day. You are unique and beautiful. Your way of thinking has controlled your way of feeling and thus your way of acting. Do you want a different result in life? Then start thinking differently about yourself. The rest will happen naturally. Trust me.