Today I would like to share two more essential messages from Esther Hicks´workshop in Amsterdam. Because every day, we all strive to be happier. But how? Esther Hicks had a great idea. “You cannot be the point of attraction for someone else. Focus more on your own interests and what is good for you, and what enhances your point of attraction.”

We cannot be the point of attraction for other people. Everyone emits their own inner vibration and, as a result, receives a response from life in the same vibrational frequency. Most often, this response comes in the form of experiences or other people who reflect exactly what I (usually unconsciously) have emitted. In life, you don’t get what you want, but rather more of what you are. Have you heard the phrase: “As you call into the forest, so it echoes back.” So, if you say “Hello,” the echo will not say “Goodbye” or vice versa. What would you like to have from life? You must first put that into life yourself.

Instead of exclusively focusing on the needs of others, you may put yourself back in the center and concentrate on what is good for you and what fulfills you. Increase your own vibration and well-being every day, step by step. It is about listening to your own inner voice more often by following your wishes and dreams. Often, you let yourself be guided by the opinions and expectations of others. But at the end of the day, it only matters what you think about yourself and what you radiate. 

Furthermore, Esther Hicks said: “Do not stand in the way of what someone else wants right now. Do not impede the self-interest of others.” What does she mean by that? Each person has their own path to follow at their own pace. Therefore, it is important to give others space to make their own decisions and unfold according to their desires. Do we sometimes wish that the other person would “wake up” a little faster or “change something” more quickly? Yes, surely. However, it is solely up to the other person whether or when they want to do that themselves. You are solely responsible for your own energy and please allow others to be as they want to be. Because everyone is exactly where they want to be right now.

Instead of often getting upset about the world, let us unfold our own inner joy more and more. This way, we create a ripple effect from within. But how? Just be a little kinder to yourself every day. Surround yourself with the right people for you. Eat the right foods for you. And simply do more of what truly makes you happy every day. By doing so, you are doing yourself and the world the greatest favor. “Norman, I don’t think that would change much in the world,” you may be thinking. What if it did? What if it did…

Have fun experimenting.