What is one of the most beautiful things in this world? To put an honest smile on other people’s faces. To see their enthusiasm when you have helped them or advised them something that will improve their life in the long term.

What if you could do this to a lot more people at the same time instead of just one person? Welcome to my (dream) job as a keynote speaker.

However, you don’t have to be or become a keynote speaker. It is important that you have a heartfelt desire or a heart project that you would like to bring to the stage more professionally. Perhaps you would also like to inspire your employees or customers more and move them into action. I’ll tell you how to present yourself or your product effectively.

But how can you best present yourself effectively? How can you give a talk that inspires people instead of putting them to sleep? With the right speech structure. There is a recipe for an engaging keynote speech. If you want to present yourself more effectively in the future, then you have the unique opportunity to learn this structure, which has been tried and tested a hundred times, from the three-time European champion in public speaking. Exactly … from me. Norman Gräter. 🙂

It’s about positioning your own personality. It’s easy with the right speech structure. The idea for this came to me on Tuesday finishing my lecture in Frankfurt, which I was able to experience together with great speaker colleagues from GSA (German Speaker Association), Speakers Excellence and 5 Sterne Redner. The audience is glued to your lips when you know how and in what order to place your content. Always with the aim of getting people into action.

Therefore, I will offer a Zoom Call for a maximum of 10 people in October by disclosing this speech structure. And the best part; In three 90min 1: 1 zoom coaching sessions I will take you by the hand and we will develop or refine your very personal keynote speech. Should you now say “Norman, this is great and I want to inspire the world through lectures about myself or my product. Unfortunately, I still don’t know what my thing is”. Then there is also a solution for this that tells you exactly what your calling is, how you have an external impact and which language you need to use to attract your soulmate customers.

If learning the structure and the 1: 1 “take me by the hand” coaching is your thing, then get in touch with me this week. I will only offer this lecture coaching once in this form and we will start soon. Therefore, contact me personally for further details (booking@norman-graeter.com).