A few days ago, a friend of mine sent me a WhatsApp message: “Morning, how are you? Well, I know, ‘always good’ :-)” Sorry, but that’s a perfect setup for a free inspiration from my side. Here’s what I replied:

“Good morning (because my morning isn’t just a morning, but a good morning). Thanks for asking. Since every result in my life follows my thinking, I always find something beautiful. Hey, the sun is shining. So, everything is good. How about you?”

Let’s quickly get back to this thick storybook. In Joel 3:10 it says: “Let the weak man say: I am strong.” God speaks this sentence through a prophet to his people. What does that mean? God (your conscious mind, which thinks the first step before anything is materialized through your actions) tells you to say to the weak (meaning you in difficult times) “I am strong”. Why should you say that to yourself (or others)? Because a feeling follows the thought. This feeling moves you to action, and eventually, you’ll have a result. Not more, not less. “Joy” in your thoughts = “Joy” in the outcome. 

Or do you still belong to those people who always look at the result first and base their well-being on it? Maybe it becomes more and more obvious to you that every result has a beginning. Just like in a race, the finish line must have a start. Otherwise, there would be no finish line. And what I put in at the beginning must inevitably come out in the end. If I start at the beginning, you don’t run through the finish line, I do. Why is that so? Because it is so. Be-cause. Be the cause of your result. Instead of waiting for happiness or joy in your life to come from outside, be joyful and happy with the things you have now. 

Recently, Mia, one of our Caribbean rebels, sent a great photo to our rebel WhatsApp group. It shows a billboard with the words: “And then you miss out on all the good because you’re constantly waiting for something better.”

It won’t get better if you just wait for it. BE the change you want to see in the world. NOW. And back to the thick storybook. Many spiritual people are waiting for the perfect kingdom of heaven, for redemption from all the bad. What if this is heaven on earth already? And you decide whether you want to dwell in heaven or in hell every day? Or if there is a heaven, what if heaven works on the same principle as here on earth? You enter the realm of heaven that corresponds to your being during your life. Have you collected more joy or more suffering? And just so we’ve talked; Joy and suffering are your personal perspectives and not absolute reality. For some people, deforestation of the rainforest is suffering. For some companies, it’s pure joy. So, it always depends on the perspective. Do you choose to view at least 51% of your lifetime with a positive perspective and find joy in the here and now? Or does the balance tip into the negative? Well, what will you expect in heaven if you’ve suffered and complained 84% of the time? You get more of what you are. Not what you want. Start living more positively now instead of waiting for whatever in the future. There is no future. Because when the future arrives, it’s just the present again. And tomorrow’s present is determined by your thinking today. So, if you want a change? Then BE the change you wish to see. You still have time to change everything.

In this sense: Be the cause of your experience instead of waiting for the result to come from outside. Because that would be like telling the seed of a flower: “Show me what you’ll look like. And only if I like it, I’ll plant you.” The seed would say: “Friend, put the booze aside and dig me in first. Then water me nicely and lovingly take care of me, and then I’ll show you how beautiful I am.” No seed, no flower. No positive thoughts, no positive life.

Greetings once again from sea on the way to Sao Miguel.