Here on board the Mein Schiff Herz cruise ship there is a picture by Udo Lindenberg with the following statement: I do it my way. In his matching song, Udo even goes one step further. I do it my way, no matter what others say.

Do you do your thing too? Or was it even more important to you until yesterday what the neighbors would say about “your thing”? Because that would make it very clear who controls your life. If other people’s opinions are more important than your own opinion, then you let others control you every day.

Get me right – whether that’s right or wrong, good or bad, only you define. Because as Albert Einstein said; everything is just relative. Just look at the question again: are you doing your thing? If so, congratulations. If not, think about what it would take to do your thing. Whatever it is – how can you take the first step in this maybe new direction today? If you have an idea, go for it. Because today starts the rest of your life.

Have fun on this … on your path.