“Sometimes achieving the actual goal earns you almost nothing. But the journey itself teaches you everything you need to know.” Will Smith

I have just finished watching the Will Smith documentary “Best shape of your life” on Youtube and I am really thoughtful. Let’s turn the clock back four hours.

My morning started well. Strangely, I was up shortly after seven and then had a lot of great inspirations for the future direction of my speaker and coaching business. I’ve been dealing with this topic for days and it works in my head day and night. Shortly afterwards, Anke called me full of euphoria. When it came to a very banal topic that wasn’t about right or wrong, we clashed at the most. “I’ll hang up now” were her last words before she ended the call.

“Sometimes achieving the actual goal earns you almost nothing. But the journey itself teaches you everything you need to know.” I’ve been thinking about this ever since. About the many twists and turns on my part when I acted too quickly and looking back, it didn’t make so much sense. Over six different business cards that were out of date by the time they were finished. Dozens of full pieces of paper with new / old ideas. 

Yes, that is change. Yes, that is growth. Yes, that is development. Yes, that sometimes sucks.

The conversation with Anke continues to run back and forth in my head. And now I draw the following insight from it, after having dealt with it for two hours. Just because we both stumbled over a root on the way to a common goal this morning doesn’t mean that the goal is nonsensical. But how often do we all doubt our goals when the wind comes briefly from another side and our boat drifts a little? It doesn’t go down. It won’t be destroyed. It is just a little deviated from the course planned a long time ago. Only we sometimes behave as if everything would then be pointless and stupid. Why? Because the situation has triggered an old wound in us. “You are not good enough”. Would it be nice if this wound was finally closed and healed? Of course. And as long as that is not the case, we will learn many new things along the way that will help us to achieve just that. We will become a whole new person on this path.

Do you know what a wonderful compliment I received this week? In the middle of the week I had an online motivational lecture with great executives from a large company. In doing so, I spontaneously took an even more emotional and honest path than usual. At the end, the boss said, “Thank you very much for this great presentation. As you can see, we are all very touched by your openness.” At the end of the day, the viewers were completely in their own mind movie and examined their own actions and behaviors. That’s exactly what I wanted to achieve. My paths in the past are only the means of transport to give people a mirror that illuminates their own actions.

You know, we don’t need a better sounds when speaking online. Or a mixer so that we can slide thousands of powerpoint slides parallel and in a highly professional manner from left to right. Or the best background ever. What we need are honest people who have an open heart and who simply take off their own mask. We need men who want to allow feelings from time to time. We need an exchange on an equal footing, instead of just playing ourselves to the fore through reproaches, comparisons or other things and belittling others. It is not about the job you do either. It is about you as a person. Because this person with all masks and glasses, through which he / she sees the world in a certain light, goes to work. Or to a family reunion. Or to see a friend. Your profession is a role. Being a father is a role. Being a wife is a role. And I don’t work with the role, but with the real person behind it.

Who are you really? Very deep inside? Hm. Honestly? When I was currently taking a close look at my business, I noticed something. Pretty much every idea I wrote down I had years ago. Only then a pair of new glasses arrived and disturbed me. Or everyday life came in the way. Or great marketing agencies that had even better ideas about what to do today and what not. Turn left. Turn right. You know what? I give a shit what I should be doing. It is time for me to take my life back in my own hands. And in an ultra-mega-spicy way, in which Aunt Mary flies of the wagon. Gone is playing small small. Gone is “that’s how you do it on the market”. It’s time to think big again and be big. It’s about “How to be greater”. And finally, to use my last name meaningfully – How to be Gräter (after greater and Gräter are pronounced the same in English).

That’s why my English book, which will be on the market in 1 – 2 weeks, is also called “I AM GRÄTER”. It’s time for more great people, which brings me to you.

Do you know that you are already great today? It’s just that your greatness has adapted to the masks and glasses you’ve been wearing for years. Do they pinch? Yes. Are they pushing? Yes. Are you annoyed? Yeeeeees. Do you want to finally take them off? I do this myself every day. Every day a little more. When the first pair of glasses is gone, I move to the next one. That is exactly what I do in my 1: 1 coaching sessions and in my company keynotes. I’ll show you how to take off those glasses that aren’t even yours. Why am I doing this? So that you can finally regain your radiance and power. For you. And especially for the dear people who are close to your heart. It is time to bring back your freedom, your joy in life and a lot of adventure in order to experience the hottest life together with your loved one, which creates a ripple effect that positively shakes the rest of the world. Ka-boom. 

Are you ready to balance your old and new world? Then contact me. Because I’ll show you how to do it. Throw away the old glasses and finally see the world through your own eyes again. 

I wish you a great week and watch Will Smith’s YouTube documentary and / or get his new autobiography “WILL”.

P.S. Anke and I have drawn our learning effect out of the experience this morning and everything is ok again (if you were concerned). J