A few days ago, I conducted our monthly call with the executives of DACHSER’s Hamburg branch. As we discussed wishes, goals, and goal achievement at the beginning of the year, Matthias asked me, “Would it be okay for you if your movie is released in theaters after your passing?” I smile and respond, “Yes.” Because some time ago, I realized that focusing on scarcity only leads to more scarcity. If I engage mentally and emotionally with lack (I don’t have it yet), according to the law of “cause and effect,” more lack will inevitably come my way.

Tony Robbins´success tip

While waiting for Vimeo to upload the video file after our call, I watch a trailer of motivational speaker Tony Robbins. There, he shares his success tip, “Trade your expectations for appreciation and your whole life will change in that moment.” When Tony Robbins says this, I figuratively nod in agreement. That’s exactly what I did many months ago – simply changed my focus.

Another inspiring quote from Tony Robbins is, “We don’t experience life – we experience life we focus on.”

Gratitude is the key

Therefore, I have decided to concentrate more on the here and now, feel more gratitude for what already exists, and let other things come to me; whether it’s in a day, a week, or a month. In this moment, I remain joyful for what is already a reality and I am grateful for it. I am happy and thankful for the path leading me towards my goal because the journey itself tells the true story. The achievement is then just the cherry on top.

The way is the goal

Is it simple? Yes, it is simple. But it’s not easy. Because your entire upbringing, your surroundings, and your experiences usually revolve around achieving the goal. In school, no one cared about how you developed during the school year. It was only checked whether you could deliver specific knowledge on a particular day at a particular hour. And if you “failed” at that moment, you were a “poor student.” The same in driving school, in professional customer meetings, and basically everywhere in your life. Everything venerates the “goal” or the “exam.” And too few appreciate the path I have taken or the person I have become on this journey.

Make better decisions

Every decision you make determines the course of your life. So, if you don’t like your current life, make different decisions. And then wait and marvel at what happens. The happiness of the world lies in our hands. We have to make something out of it.

The best time to start is right here and right now. Be grateful for everything you are and have. That’s the first step into a new and even more beautiful life. Don’t believe me? Then feel free to leave everything as it is. You know what’s best for you.