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“I have a passion: enable people and companies to unfold their true potential and to achieve their goals, dreams and desires. In my lectures and seminars, I feel the hearts of my listeners and inspire them to embrace change and be brave. I am convinced that every person has what it takes to develop their true greatness and strength and then use them purposefully in life and in the company for the benefit of all.”

Norman Graeter
Multiple award-winning motivational speaker & mentor for human centered companies

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Norman Gräter als Speaker auf der Klick-Tipp-CCP im September-2019

#1: The power of enthusiasm

Why is your enthusiasm so important? It is our drive for outstanding performance at work and in all areas of life. Everything that inspires and fascinates us will be quite easy for us and brings a much better result. But how do we create more enthusiasm among ourselves, managers, and employees to turn customers into fans? You will find out in Norman Gräter’s lecture …

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Norman Gräter is a unique person. You can see his enthusiasm for what he does from afar. His energy in lectures and coaching is way above the norm. It just wasn’t always like that. His teacher called him retarded, and he only got his job due to his father’s connections. But, when he later met an older woman in Hawaii, everything changed. He then went in search of the key for personal enthusiasm.

During his 24 years in the Würth Group, he worked for their in-house event agency for 16 years, where he was in charge of the entertainment division. His worldwide work with more than 370,000 participants, in more than 150 events and incentives around the globe, he managed international teams and created sustainable and emotional events, which are the basis for what he does today.

He was also fascinated by the superstars he worked with. People like David Garrett, Anastacia, and Cirque Du Soleil. How can they inspire thousands of people through their art? The answer was obvious – Norman chose to ask them before or after their show. In over 400 conversations with many other successful celebrities such as Michelle Obama, Sylvester Stallone, and many more, he found out what brings them to their enthusiasm. He was able to classify his own experiences and their statements into five main categories. These resulted in his own AnkeR ™ method, which served as the basis for his successful book “BECOMING GRÄTER”.

In his keynotes, he shares these five easy-to-implement points. And best of all – you can use this for your job as well as your private life. The rules for more enthusiasm and success are the same. His entertaining and inspiring lecture style was awarded, with three European championship titles in public speaking and many other prizes. Are you ready to be inspired to be more enthusiastic in your life again? Then book his lecture “The power of enthusiasm” now and say #IamGräter.

#2: Fail fast and get back up

After a setback, the clocks usually standstill. Any form of self-motivation, enthusiasm, and determination is gone. But how can you come back in the shortest possible time? Is there a way to get out of crisis and into an even bigger project within a few days? How do you ignite a little enthusiasm for what you do that will eventually lead to something much bigger?

Norman Gräter has taken this path and knows how to do it. In three simple steps, he will guide you through these crucial points in his keynote presentation …

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In 2014, still being employed, Norman booked the PORSCHE Arena in Stuttgart to sell out all 6,000 seats six years later on March 24th, 2020. Norman’s goal was to take his six-year journey as the basis for visitors to understand how anyone can achieve their set goal with the right mindset. He asked and tested over 400 perspectives from successful celebrities. From Michelle Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hillary Clinton, and many more, he wanted to know what the most important insight for a successful life is. All of this served as the basis for his six-year experiment, which is unique in the world.

Then everything turned out differently than expected.

Due to Covid-19, his show was banned 12 days before the premiere. Norman Gräter was down. He’d lost everything he’d built for six years. What was even worse were his thoughts that he had failed, as his show should have brought people courage and hope and more enthusiasm for what they were doing. Covid-19 brought precisely the opposite into the world. Nevertheless, he found his enthusiasm again in just two days and got himself out of the depths of his life. Today Norman is more enthusiastic, many times more successful, and also more balanced than ever before.

He is currently interviewed for the script of a Hollywood blockbuster movie. For that, he is working with a multi-award-winning Hollywood producer (Oscar, Grammy, Toni, etc.) on the cinematic adaptation of his unique story. Norman Gräter will inspire over 1 billion people to live more enthusiastically in what they do to create a ripple effect that will make the world a better place for us all.

Would you like to learn about the straightforward three-step method he used to get himself out of his hole? Then book his keynote “Fail fast and get back up” now. You will be amazed how easy it is if you know and do it. #beagamechanger

Norman Gräter als Speaker auf der Bühne
Gamechanger und Keynote Speaker Norman Gräter

Client statements:

“That was by far the most appealing and effective keynote that I was able to experience in my 15-year professional career”

Stefan Voss

Head of Competence Center Maintenance & Logistics Transdev GmbH

“Norman Gräter has inspired us and our guests with his lively and rousing keynote speech. He absolutely exceeded our expectations on the evening with his authentic and human touch”

Vanessa König

Personnel development and recruiting at B.A.D Gesundheitsvorsorge & Sicherheitstechnik GmbH

“During his lecture, Mr. Gräter inspired Magna Steyr Finance executives from around the world on topics from professional to their private environment to rethink their doing and gave them new perspectives. His part was clearly the highlight of our workshop.The positive mood was noticeable and tangible – all participants thanked him with standing ovations for this great input”

Michael Hummelbrunner

Global Director Finance/Controlling Magna Steyr

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Norman Gräter als Speaker mit Feuer auf der Bühne

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Your participants also receive:


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