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“Norman Gräter inspired and captivated our employees with his positive energy during a virtual annual kick-off. His motivational speech encouraged us to explore new perspectives and ways of thinking, which can be applied both in our professional and personal lives. Mission accomplished. Thank you!”

Board of Directors, Berliner Sparkasse – Branch of Landesbank Berlin AG

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Choose one of four lectures presented by motivational speaker Norman Gräter – The Inspirator

Norman Gräter als Speaker auf der Klick-Tipp-CCP im September-2019

#1: Move it: Success Begins In Your Mind

Many companies eventually reach a point where their desired goals can no longer be effortlessly achieved. This often leads to demotivation and frustration among employees, accompanied by fears of necessary changes. In such moments, the 5-star speaker and expert in mental health and motivation, Norman Gräter, is the ideal catalyst.

In his inspiring lecture, he presents fascinating approaches on how to create an improved working atmosphere through passion and commitment, ultimately enhancing the productivity of employees. He emphasizes that confident decisions are essential to bring about a change in thinking and actions within the company.

Here is the link to the lecture page: Move it: Success begins in the mind

#2: Stronger Together: Make Me Feel Important

Many employees no longer feel comfortable in their workplaces, as appreciation for their work and as individuals often falls short. Often, the focus is solely on the product and its price, neglecting the human aspect. It is not surprising, then, that employees feel burnt out and demotivated.

In Norman Gräter’s captivating lecture, the expert in mental health and motivation urgently advocates for companies to recognize again that the human element is the most crucial “asset” for the organization. Only with the full commitment of dedicated employees can a company persistently compete with its rivals.

Here is the link to the lecture page: Together Stronger: Make Me Feel Important

Norman Gräter als Speaker auf der Bühne
Norman Gräter als Speaker auf der Klick-Tipp-CCP im September-2019

#3: Heart Over Mind: More Meaning – More Value

In a time of skilled labor shortages and a lack of employees, no company can afford to have its employees unmotivated and uninspired at work. However, all too often, companies and their leaders find themselves at a loss, not knowing how to motivate long-time employees or attract new talents to the organization.

Motivational speaker and expert in mental health and motivation, Norman Gräter, understands from personal experience the paths crucial for a return to a positive mindset and, consequently, achieving peak performance. In his inspiring lecture, he provides valuable insights for companies on how to (re)ignite enthusiasm for corporate principles and ideas within their teams.

Here is the link to the lecture page: Heart over Mind: More Meaning – More Value

#4: Today Is The Best Day Of My Life

External pressure is mounting, and there is often a lack of ideas on how rapid change is still possible. One feels helpless and is so entangled in external circumstances that the focus on the big picture is lost. Goals are not achieved as usual, and employees are exhausted and demotivated. It’s time for a change – but how? The expert in mental health and motivation, Norman Gräter, draws from his professional experience as a manager and knows precisely how to bring fresh energy and motivation back to the team.

In his inspiring lecture, the motivational speaker with the blue perspective discusses how to give people hope again and show them new perspectives. He directs attention to the positive aspects within the company and encourages avoiding space for negative thoughts.

Here is the link to the lecture page: Today is the most beautiful day of my life

Norman Gräter als Speaker auf der Bühne
Gamechanger und Keynote Speaker Norman Gräter

Client statements:

“That was by far the most appealing and effective keynote that I was able to experience in my 15-year professional career”

Stefan Voss

Head of Competence Center Maintenance & Logistics Transdev GmbH

“Norman Gräter has inspired us and our guests with his lively and rousing keynote speech. He absolutely exceeded our expectations on the evening with his authentic and human touch”

Vanessa König

Personnel development and recruiting at B.A.D Gesundheitsvorsorge & Sicherheitstechnik GmbH

“During his lecture, Mr. Gräter inspired Magna Steyr Finance executives from around the world on topics from professional to their private environment to rethink their doing and gave them new perspectives. His part was clearly the highlight of our workshop.The positive mood was noticeable and tangible – all participants thanked him with standing ovations for this great input”

Michael Hummelbrunner

Global Director Finance/Controlling Magna Steyr

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Norman Gräter als Speaker mit Feuer auf der Bühne

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