I just ordered some lapel pins from the USA. The great slogan on it is “You are enough”. Time for a change of perspective.

You are enough. Let me add the word “good” to it. “You are (good) enough.” Because it often happens in everyday life that we all forget that. One group of people is chasing after their own goals. The other group is chasing the approval of other people. And in both endeavors, there is often a common feeling: I’m not good enough … yet.

Let me tell you from my own experience that both, your own goals and the recognition of others, is an incredible motivation. However, neither makes you happy in the long run with the wrong drive. Because when are you (good) enough? The moment will never come. The shadow of not being good enough haunts you all your life. So, the game goes on endlessly.

The sooner you can change your perspective and take a new direction, the better. Not tomorrow. Not the day after tomorrow. But at the only time that is realistically available to you. Today, now and here.

A few days ago, a participant who was at my motivational speech, workshops and readings during the Mein Schiff cruise said to me: “Norman, thanks to you I have learned to live more in the here and now”.

Start being happier with yourself in the here and now. Be happy with yourself today. Why is this change of perspective so important? Because you can only reap tomorrow what you sow today. If you feel great today, the harvest will be benevolent in the future. If you feel bad about yourself today, those negative seeds will also grow. You alone decide in each moment what you will be and reap tomorrow. Make your move…now.