A few days ago, my youngest, Luis, and his friend Felix were sitting in the back of my car. The two boys were talking about vacations. Felix was telling stories about his last trip to Italy, and then came a sentence that nearly drove me off the road: “My father said that I should lose weight before the vacation, otherwise people will want to pull the whale back into the water.” Has He Lost His Mind? 

Please, please, please. Dear parents. Dear grandparents. Dear humans. Can you please only say positive things to your fellow human beings about themselves? Especially to children. Because all statements about oneself are stored in our subconscious in the drawer labeled “Self-Image.” And if, as a child, you already have a minimal self-image of yourself because, from the perspective of ONE other person, you are too fat, too short, too lazy, or something else, you will naturally believe it. Especially when it comes from parents or authority figures (teachers, police officers, doctors…). However, this is merely the opinion of ONE person. But we don’t store it that way. Instead, we think that the whole world sees us as this ONE person does.

The current world disease number one is (especially among men) an absolute inner emptiness. Nothing works as it did a few months ago. Everything seems to be going weird or breaking down. There is no more support from the outside. Neither in politics, nor in the economy, nor in your company, or anywhere else. Many people are completely lost and empty. This comes from the fact that they do not have a strong inner self-image. And this inner self-image is what (for the esoterics among us) manifests. You get more of what you are. Not what you want. No inner strength and power = no outer success. And this inner emptiness has its foundation in childhood. Through statements like the one described earlier. And if you don’t really know if you’re good enough, you can’t be authentic because you constantly show yourself your apparent shortcomings. Thus, you can only attract shortcomings into your life.

If you are now hoping that this inner emptiness will soon disappear, I have less pleasant news for you. For the next 20 years, the energy on Earth will remain the same. You will have some highs and then some lows again, as we are currently in the fire energy. Fire is super hot for a few moments, and then the flame is gone. Only if you have an absolutely strong inner anchoring to yourself will you get through it with your head held high. Alcohol, distractions, or social media are very poor solutions for filling the inner emptiness. Because the emptiness waits for you until you are sober again. Or after four hours of Instagram, you look up again. Is there another way that works? Yes. You may completely reinvent yourself and build a very solid inner stability. I recommend you my book “I AM GRÄTER“, to recreate yourself from scratch into an authentic version for the future.

Whatever you do for yourself – book or workshops, start seeing and talking about the beautiful and great things in the people around you. No jokes or double entendres just because it’s funny. Always remember – a joke turns into seriousness very quickly.

In this spirit, I wish you a beautiful and meaningful week full of wonderful moments that you create through your compliments to others and thus also to yourself. You have the happiness of your world in your hands.