I don’t know how you are doing right now. I ask myself every day – how can it get even better?

You know, I’ve been on various ships for five weeks over the past two months. Mediterranean Sea, Scotland, Iceland, Canada, USA, Egypt and somewhere in between. I swam with free dolphins, got to know the strongest brothers in the world and saw the Statue of Liberty with my boys at 5 a.m. on the suite balcony of very dear friends when our cruise entered New York Harbor with champagne and decaffeinated coffee. 

I can also spend a lot of time with my dear friend Rüdi at the PUR (Germanys most successful pop band) concert. And that’s when I saw once again what is important in life. For the sheer joy of doing whatever your thing is. What a realization of success. Just do your thing

You know, Rüdi doesn’t want much. Singing with Hartmut. A new (or old) PUR CD for Christmas and a champagne with Hartmut after the concert. He doesn’t do any marketing for that. He doesn’t do sales pitches. He doesn’t post to Facebook or Instagram every day. He doesn’t even have a cell phone. He also makes no stress due to the bad things in the world. He is simply at home in his own positive world. Does the band always play his song when he comes to a concert? Yes. Does he now have a team of at least three great people who will bring him there and back safely? Yes. Does Hartmut visit him at home or invite him over to his home for breakfast? Yes. Does the BILD newspaper (Germanys biggest newspaper) report on Rüdi? Yes. (BILD even immortalized me in a photo).

So, what exactly does Rüdi do to have this success? He is just himself.

And if you think now, well, Rüdi has the Down’s Syndrome. It’s clear that everyone is so nice and that he gets everything… then I ask you, where in your life would a bit of Down Syndrome do you good? Where would it be worth not wanting to know certain things or even being able to understand them? What if you focused on your thing instead of spending hours poring over the news about what bad thing happened on this planet yesterday? Would a different perspective help you just be in a better mood? For sure.