What’s happening out there?

by | 19.12.2021 | News

Have you already noticed that so many dreams, wishes and hopes have broken down in the past few months? So many great people have stopped being great and adjusted to a new norm of fear, reluctance, and setback. The subject of kind communication has completely disappeared from the consciousness of many. If those were the ingredients for a cake, good lord, what kind of a mess would come out of the oven? But hey, who needs cake anyway …

Last weekend I decided to create a new program. The “I AM GRÄTER 360 ° Experience International“. My aim is to support a community of entrepreneurs and great thinkers in an exclusive community. You can allow yourself to be great again where you have made yourself incredibly small over the last few months or maybe years. That you get a head start, we meet online every week to support you with an environment that believes in you, while you get new inspirations from me personally every week. Because only those who stick to something permanently will be successful. Therefore, I find the comon evening webinars less effective, because the participants then go back into their world and everything will be the way it was. Through the persistence you will become the adventurer again, who you were once and would like to be again. You can find the details of the “I AM GRÄTER 360 ° Experience International” on my Be Yourself Academy homepage.

If this is something for you or someone you know who would like long-term support but do not want to spend the money on 1: 1 coaching, please send them to bgr8r.org. Maybe we’ll see each other next Monday in the first 360° call.