The best news of the week is: You won’t make it. Such a statement from Mr. Positive? How come? This (not-so-new insight) was triggered for me last weekend at the Esther Hicks workshop in Amsterdam. You won’t make it.

Years ago, I had a tour T-shirt from World Wrestling Entertainment. It said in large letters “The Road that Never Ends.” Because in wrestling, there is no classic tour lasting a few weeks or months at a time. The troupe is on the road all year, and there is no end to the stories told in wrestling. When one story ends, another begins. When one wrestler goes on vacation, another comes in. The road that never ends. Similar to the film “The NeverEnding Story,” it would be “The NeverEnding Tour.”

Now, Anke and I were sitting at the Esther Hicks workshop this weekend, and she said, “You will never get it done – so enjoy not getting it done.” What she means is that the whole universe stands for expansion and growth. And since we are part of the universe, we probably stand for that too. Nature shows us as well. In spring, plants sprout; in summer, they grow; in autumn, the leaves fall; and in winter, there is a kind of restart. And then it starts in Spring again. It’s the same for us humans. Everything is in motion and never finished. “But when I get my dream job, then I’m done. Or when I have my dream partner, too,” you might be thinking now. Look back at one of your less happy relationships and ask yourself why it ended. “We grew apart,” I often hear. Okay, and what does that mean? The great interest of the first weeks faded. Everyday life set in. Each person went back to doing their own thing, and suddenly, it was over. And then came the next one. Whether relationship or career, everything is based on growth. If you stay still in your relationship and neither of you works on it and keeps it interesting, it will “die.” If you sit still in your job position without any further training or development, a more agile colleague will eventually overtake you in terms of growth and get the higher position.

So, if you know that even after achieving your desired result, the journey doesn’t end and you will never truly complete it, maybe you can find more joy in not making it. This means finding more joy in the journey to the next stage instead of just focusing on the goal. You won’t make it to the end of the road that never ends. It’s like the infinity sign (the horizontal 8). After the next curve comes the next. And the next. And the next. And then it starts all over again. So, find more joy in your everyday life knowing that it will never end during your lifetime. Because the moment you stand still and think you have something secure, you are closer to losing it again as others continue their path with interest and development, leaving you behind in the long run.