What is the most frequently asked question in regard to achieve your goals? HOW do I reach my goal? Have you ever noticed that when asking the question of HOW, your mood usually doesn’t rise but rather declines? “Oh, I would love to fly to Sardinia for two weeks with my sweetheart… (mood is fantastic). But… how? (mood drops straight to the bottom). And it doesn’t matter whether it’s due to a lack of money, vacation days, or fear of flying.

Better Questions = Better Answers

Therefore, today I want to show you a different way of phrasing the question, which I recently heard from Esther Hicks: “Instead of asking HOW, ask WHY.”

“How, WHY? Huh? What’s that going to change, Norman?” you might be asking yourself now. Look, when it comes to the question of HOW, you usually don’t have an answer right away, correct? Because if you knew HOW it could be done, you would have already reached your goal. That means, at this moment, you don’t have a plan on HOW to reach your goal.

With the right drive towards your goal achievement

However, what you know with great certainty is WHY you want to achieve this goal, right? Whether it’s the beautiful beaches, the nice weather, the fantastic people, or the fact that you can brag about having been in the Caribbean of Europe at work. Whatever it is, you know exactly WHY you want to go to Sardinia. How does it feel when you spend some time contemplating the WHY? Does your mood rise or fall? It rises. Why? Because you have an inner desire, a deep longing to get there. In other words, your momentum, your drive, lasts longer when you focus on the WHY. Do you believe that you are more likely to find a solution with this inner joy, or do you think you’ll be clueless and planless by asking HOW?

Happy Mood = Happy Life

The better your mood, the more and easier it is for you to come up with what you could actively do to get closer to your goal. Create a burning desire and constantly remind yourself WHY you want to achieve this goal. And with that momentum, take the next step that brings you closer to your goal. Why the next step and not the final achievement of the goal? Because, typically, one step won’t take you all the way up a whole staircase. The only important thing is the next step in front of you. And if you take that next step in good spirits, the journey to your goal becomes truly enjoyable. Or you continue to drag yourself up the staircase with a grumpy face, hoping that happiness and joy will come when you reach the top. With this model, I can only wish you the best of luck. Because, as the saying goes, “shit in = shit out.” If the journey is not enjoyable, the achievement won’t bring long-lasting joy either.