Today I have a surprise for my Mein Schiff friends. The question has often arisen whether the workshops from the cruises could be experienced again somewhere outside of the voyages, which has not been the case so far. Now, the six exclusive Mein Schiff personality development workshops are available in German for your living room. These workshops are offered as a package at an unbeatable Mein Schiff price (plus tax), just like on board. And for what you’re getting, the price is truly laughable. Have you been on one of the Mein Schiff journeys with us and crave even more change? Then get the workshops at 

Chance your life

Recently, a man who worked in the space industry for a long time told me: “The further you leave the Earth, the faster you can accelerate.” Interestingly, this thought also applies here on Earth. The further you distance yourself from your old worries, troubles, and issues, the faster you can accelerate and reach your desired destination. However, many fear this because it means moving into the unknown. My question would be, can it really get much worse than it already is? Many of us are exhausted, weary, tired, angry, and sad. Why would anyone voluntarily cling to such things? It can only get better. But it takes courage and the will to tread new paths and venture into unknown worlds. Of course, you can leave everything as it is. Instead of finally changing your job, where you are exploited and belittled, you might just accept the pay raise and continue to suffer. But that doesn’t solve the issue. Always optimizing the candle unfortunately doesn’t create a light bulb or LED. And you deserve to shine as brightly as you can. Because then you become the lighthouse for yourself and others, instead of flickering and burning out like a tired candle.

Focus on the gift

So, here’s my idea for you. Say: “Today is the most beautiful day of my life.” Why? “Because I am alive.” That’s reason enough for me. Look, you are given so many wonderful things every day. Look around you. There are so many gifts around you that you probably don’t even notice. Fresh air to the point of suffocation, gravity keeping you firmly on the ground, and since you’re reading these lines right now, you have a phone or a computer. Or you’re having them read to you by someone who has one of these devices. What a lucky person you are.

Let´s go

Focus on the great things that are already here. Then set out to leave your familiar atmosphere and embark on new adventures. With each step in the new direction, it gets easier. For additional booster power, get the German workshops at

With that in mind, I wish you a good “flight,” and we’ll read each other again next week.