I came across something a few days ago that I would like to share with you. It’s about the power of writing with a red pen on yellow paper. 

Have you ever heard that writing with a red pen on yellow paper can have a positive effect on your memory? I didn’t until recently. There is scientific evidence that this type of writing has a positive impact on our memory. Let’s explore together how and why writing with a red pen on yellow paper can be beneficial to improve your memory.

The science behind the phenomenon
In 2009, researchers at Newcastle University conducted an experiment with over 700 participants who were asked to read a list of words written in different colored ink on different colored paper. The results showed that people could remember more words when reading words written with a red pen on yellow paper than with any other color combination.

It’s thought to be because of how our brain processes information visually. When we see two high-contrast colors, like red and yellow, our brain processes them differently than when we see two similar or identical colors (like blue and green). Therefore, this color contrast can help us retain information better by activating specific areas of our brain that are responsible for recalling memories. It’s cool, isn’t it?

In my research I also found that many spiritual people believe that there is an emotional connection between color and energy. Red is said to stand for passion and power, while yellow symbolizes joy and optimism. The combination of these two colors when writing amplifies the emotions associated with them, creating an atmosphere that allows us to be more open and receptive to our thoughts and ideas. This means we can more easily remember what we write down because our minds are clear and not clouded by negative feelings or distractions.

I’ll definitely test it out over the next few weeks. And maybe you feel like it too and then share your insights with me.