Greetings from the Atlantic. Do you actually believe in coincidences? While we look forward to Neptune’s visit here, I would like to revisit my newsletter from last week. Sven reloaded. 

Last week I wrote to you about the fascinating change in Sven.

And as you have read, Sven is not called Sven either. Now “coincidence” comes into play. When we were at the Caribbean Rebels Call with the real “Sven” on Monday evening, he said: “I have to tell you something. I forwarded the newsletter to my mother, and she thought it was great. However, she was kind of weird afterwards. I thought nothing of it and told my sister about it. And do you know what she said?” He takes a deep breath. “You had a twin brother who died while still being in the tummy of mom. And guess what our parents wanted to call him…


As I fight back tears, he continues. “And that’s not all. Now at the weekend, an acquaintance we met on the Caribbean cruise was at our house. We have absolutely the same interests, we are similar types, and everything fits like a lid on a pot… as if we were brothers. Guess when is the birthday? May 9th… like me. And even in the same year.”

I’m rarely speechless, only afterwards I was. Seriously, statistics say there are between 30,000 and 40,000 different male first names in the world. How high is the chance that I will choose exactly the one name as a pseudonym for my newsletter that then fits the deceased twin brother of “Sven”? And almost at the same time someone comes into his life who he could assume is his brother.

So, here’s my question again: Do you believe in coincidences? Not me. Whatever power is behind this. Life is a super exciting thing.

All the best and have a great week.