A few days ago, I was at the airport beach in St. Maarten during our Caribbean trip. You may know this from photos or documentaries. There is an approx. 10 meter long stretch of beach, followed by a narrow road, a fence and then starts the runway. When the big machines hover there, it happens just a few meters above your head. I know women might roll their eyes and think…seriously? Do people do that voluntarily? And the men think… awesome. I have to go there. 🙂 Personally, I love airplanes.

Between the approach of the small and large machines, we had an idea for a photo. Let’s take a picture looking at our smart phone and checking Flightradar for the next plane while the real plane is flying in just above us. I then wrote under the picture on social media:

“Tell me Phil, when is the Airbus coming…?” Life is what happens while you’re busy looking at your phone.”

I want to share this idea with you today. We all miss so much of our lifetime while watching netflix, social media, news or whatever. Yes, I hear you… you need this to relax. Are you sure? By engaging in such things, you are not switching off. You just distract yourself from the only important thing on this earth. You distract yourself from YOU. I know silence can be very painful. However, once you close your ears to others and turn them inward, you then get one step further on lifes journey. What do you hear? What thoughts pop up? Are there fears of missing out? That others might come and think you’re stupid or ignorant? It may also happen that you no longer want to live your life in this way because the job annoys you. Or the relationship. Or your shape. All these things come in silence. But how are you going to change it if you A) don’t allow yourself to be heard and B) you’re just constantly distracting yourself with other things? Your house is on fire but you look the other way. You don’t see it anymore, but the house continues to burn down. If you need a new kitchen, there is no point in repainting the house. Finally start looking within.

I want to give you that thought this week. Consider giving yourself a little more time with you… and only with you… every now and then. Because all the solutions to all your worries come to you… in silence.

Have a nice week and greetings from the Caribbean.