On Wednesday I had the pleasure to speak to Neale Donald Walsch again, the bestselling author of Conversations with God.

He said something beautiful to another participant in our talk that asked, how he knows, if God speaks to him or if it is his own thoughts he keeps hearing. Neale said:

“If your thoughts are of freedom, joy and love, then they are from god.”

I was reminded of a video I did a couple days ago. “Is it worth what you do?

It is about your lifetim
Let me repeat my question from the video. Are you really living your true passion? Yes, I know. You are a successful entrepreneur. You have your company. You have built it based on your dream. And from the outside everything appears to be just fine. Could it be…there is something more for you out there? Something that would totally fulfill you? But you don´t know what it is or don´t allow yourself to go there yet? Start listening to the voices in your head and watch out for thoughts of freedom, joy and love. Then you know, this is the right way to go. Follow your heart as your heart always tells the truth. If you should have any issue getting there, write me an email. I can certainly help you to get there and do the “thing” you love.

MeinSchiff2 – here I come
I am so excited, as I go on a cruise in a couple days. I am booked for 25 solid days on board the MeinSchiff2. Living one part of my dream for three weeks straight and being able to inspire hundreds of people to BECOME GRÄTER…I just love it.

I wish you a wonderful week and the next time we virtually meet, I will be writing you from somewhere in Spain.