“Norman, is manifesting getting faster and faster for you too?” Britta, a participant and friend at a seminar last Friday, asked me this question. “Yes, I noticed that too.” Britta grins. “This morning I was thinking that I didn’t feel like working with this one customer. And you know what? I just received an e-mail and he canceled our appointment. This is really crazy. Perfectly manifested.”

There are various theories as to why manifesting is accelerating in recent months. Some people believe this is happening because of our planet’s increased vibrational frequency. Others believe that this is happening because of the global crisis and changes in our lives. It could also be that we are simply becoming more aware of what we want to manifest and focusing more on it. Ultimately, it’s hard to say why manifesting feels like it’s happening faster.

Maybe for all those who don’t really know what manifesting means or what it is. Manifesting refers to the process by which we use our thoughts and feelings to create what we want in our lives. It’s a way of self-actualization through positive thinking, where we focus on what we want to achieve rather than what we don’t have or don’t want. There are different techniques and approaches to meaningful manifestation. At its core, it is about radiating positive energy and using that energy to achieve our goals.

Here are three valuable tips for you:

  1. Gratitude

The first step is to focus on being grateful for everything you already have in your life. Your gratitude for really everything opens you to receive more abundance and joy in all areas of your life. Why should this work? Think of the natural law of sowing and reaping. You can only reap what you have previously sown. So, if you practice gratitude daily, you will have an attitude of appreciation for whatever is happening in your everyday life. And this positive attitude sets the first important tone for the manifestation of your desires.

  1. Visualization

Once you are filled with gratitude and appreciation, visualize yourself achieving your desired outcome. When you envision what you desire, it creates an energy within you that propels you towards realization. See it as if it has already happened and feel how good it feels to have achieved the goal or dream you have set for yourself. This process amplifies your signal and helps you get what you want faster.

  1. Action

In addition to visualizing, manifesting is also about inspired action. If you take action towards your goal and follow your intuition, this creates a dynamic that will take you further on the way to your vision. Following your inspirations energizes your desire, which increases its power when you combine it with visualization and gratitude as well.

One final advice – you are manifesting every second. Whether you know it or not. Whether you send out positive or negative thoughts and feelings. Whether you want it or not. Everything in life is like a mirror image that only reacts to everything that is held in it. Your inner attitude towards you and your life is the image that is reflected in your outer world. And that’s what manifesting is. Therefore, always be clear about what you want, deal with it and forget about the rest that you did not like. Unless you want more of it. Then tell the tenth colleague of yours how bad your weekend was.