I wish that you had a great Christmas time with your loved ones and that you were able to slow down a bit. I know that many of us are mentally already on their way towards the turn of the year. Therefore, I would like to give you a thought for 2023. It’s time to live your strengths. No matter what others might think.

Now that 2023 is fast approaching, many of us are thinking about how we can make the best of our lives in this new year. We make resolutions that often focus on self-improvement and health, personal, or habitual development. And an important question to ask yourself is: How many of my skills have I been holding back out of fear of what other people might think or say?

It’s understandable that we want to be accepted by others and don’t want to do anything that might make them think less of us. It’s only when you stop pursuing something that makes you happy because you’re worried about what others might think that you’re only limiting yourself. By silencing our own inner voice, we rob ourselves of the opportunity to grow and to discover and live our true potential.

Singing in public, starting a new job, or trying a new hobby may feel uncomfortable at first. However, if we take the step, we will start living our lives on our own terms and no longer need the approval of others. This is especially true when it comes to pursuing activities related to your talents and strengths. When you focus on your strengths instead of worrying about what other people are saying or thinking, you finally have a chance to find what you’ve been looking for. Your inner contentment. You can focus on these skills now or as late as early 2023 and find ways to express them freely and happily.

So, if you want to set some resolutions for 2023, promise yourself to do more things that help you live your strengths. It’s important to remember that each and every one of us carries gifts within us that are waiting to be explored and shared with the world. Dare, embrace your unique talents and enjoy becoming the person destined for this world! Because you deserve to be happy. Likewise, all people who would also benefit from your talent deserve it, … if … yes if … you finally decide to give it a go. You can’t wait until life isn’t hard before you decide to be happy.