We all know those moments when everything seems to fall apart. Our relationships, our careers, our health, our lives and ultimately the whole world as we know it. It can even feel like our whole inner world is imploding.

I used to think it was just bad luck. I mean, how else could you explain it? Some people seem to sail through life while others seem to be constantly struggling. But then I started to see a pattern. The people who constantly walk on the bright side of life were the ones who constantly worked on themselves and kept moving forward, even when things were difficult. They didn’t wait for something to happen on the outside. They acted and clearly decided what would bring them further and what wouldn’t.

Then on the other hand there were those who seemed stuck in a rut, who stopped acting when the going got tough. They would get knocked down and then just lay there and waited for someone or something to come along and help them get back on their feet. But that is becoming increasingly rare. We must first help ourselves before others can help us.

Feel free to ask yourself the following three questions to get more out of your life:

  1. What makes me unique?

Everyone has special talents, strengths and experiences that make them who they are. How can you make money with it and thus create the life you want?

  1. Change the way you think

The way you think about yourself and the world around you has a huge impact on your happiness and success. If you are constantly negative and pessimistic, it will be difficult to attract good things into your life. But if you focus on being thankful for what you have and envisioning the life you want, you will see ways to get you there. Bit by bit.

  1. Act now

It’s not enough to just have positive thoughts – you can take concrete steps towards your goals. That could mean finally getting that promotion at work or signing up for that yoga class you want to try. But whatever it is, acting now will help make your dreams a reality.


Nobody’s life is perfect – we all go through ups and downs. But if you want to increase your chances of living a happy and successful life, it’s important to focus on your uniqueness, have a positive attitude, and take action toward your goals. With these three things, you’re well on your way to creating the life you’ve always wanted.