“Now I’m getting really scared” I see the chat box pop up in the corner of my eye while we’re in the middle of one of our Caribbean Rebel Community Calls. My eyebrows furrow a little and I look at the screen of the participant who just wrote me this message. “Everything okay with you Andrea?” I ask directly. She turns her microphone on and says with a laugh: “Every week I wonder if you’ve been sitting on the sofa with me for the last few days and observed my life. Because I can understand 100% everything that you draw our attention to and what just happened to you. I feel the same way every time. Real spooky.”

Is there magic involved? Or do I sit with the participants every week in their normal lives to find our Caribbean rebel themes? For the answer I would like to dig a little bit deeper today. Because similar references came again and again in my lectures. “I think the whole lecture was just for me.” We find the answer to the “is it magic” question in human design, which Anke has been successfully working on for over 15 months.

What is Human Design?
Human Design is an ancient system that combines astrology, chakras, I Ching and Kabbalah to help you recognize your unique energetic signature. Your Human Design Chart will help you understand how to better make decisions that align with your individual design so you can live a more authentic life. After my detail reading, which Anke gave me at some point, one thing became clear to me. There are five types in Human Design: Manifestators, Generators, Manifesting Generators (MGs), Projectors, and Reflectors. And each type has its own strengths and weaknesses that may be taken into account when making decisions or planning goals and projects. And I’m a Reflector.

What is a Reflector?
Human Design Reflectors make up only 1% of the population. People who fall into this category tend to be very intuitive, sensitive people who have a deep understanding of the feelings of others. Having no defined energy centers themselves (like the other four types) in their bodies, Reflectors have an innate ability to sense subtle energies in their environment and to perceive and adjust their behavior according to the energy of the other. This makes them ideal coaches who accompany others on their way to self-realization. Reflectors can sense what others need before they realize it themselves. Their understanding of how people work allows them to provide tailored advice that resonates with each individual they work with. This creates a deep understanding of human behavior and allows me to create meaningful connections with my audience that go far beyond what traditional motivational speakers or coaches can achieve with logical strategies.

And it is precisely this clarity that I use in my work and especially every Monday evening. Our themes, often subject to change on the day itself because of an impulse, help our participants gain more clarity about themselves so that the individual can take meaningful action to reach his or her fullness even more easily and easily. It helps to look at things from different angles so that everyone can make better decisions and be true to themselves, which ultimately leads to greater success in business, as well as in all other areas of life such as relationships, health and finances.

Well, is it magic what we do on Monday nights? I would say yes. We work with the energy of each one of our Caribbean rebels. And that’s great fun for us. So, if you are looking for new inspiration for 2023 or if you find human design exciting, please contact me. From the end of April, Anke still has a few capacities to do a detail reading with you. And of course, you can already come to the Caribbean Rebels every Monday evening, even if you don’t know your Human Design Chart in detail yet. Because why wait with your own growth and to gain even more joy in every second. How did Udo Jürgens sing so beautifully: “The rest of your life begins today. It’s now or never and not someday. Look at your goal, no dream is in vain. The future begins today.”

Here you can register for the German Caribbean Rebels group and here you can book a Human Design Reading with Anke.