Re-Connect to love and to myself Diary Day 8

“I have found the theoretical key to loosen the ice layer from my heart and to feel more and to connect with me again. Drum roll please … be moderate, enjoyment of life, joy and acceptance. Say what? What is that, you might be thinking now.”

As I mentioned in my newsletter last week, I’m on a mission right now. “Re-Connect to love and to myself”. Today is day 8 and this newsletter is my diary entry for today. You can find the accompanying and even more detailed video exclusively and daily on my private Facebook page and also on LinkedIn (the video is German only). Why? I want to re-connect to myself and chose my mother language for it.

Back to my diary:
“My beloved Anke gave a terrific course on Human Design and Gene Keys today. “Know yourself” it was called. How the title matches to Re-Connect to Love and Myself. When I looked at four of my Gene Keys after the call, there was the answer. There is a time when I am in a low frequency (stress, dissatisfaction, seriousness and constriction). I have my highest frequency and energy when I feel and have calm, bliss, ecstasy and universal love. And how do I get there? Through being moderate, enjoy my life, joy and acceptance. It’s all in my personal Gene Keys. How cool is that? And it’s true. I can only agree with each of the words. Therefore, the gene keys chart is only for me and not generally valid. Everybody has his or her own words.
I will aim at the consistent implementation of these things. This realization is a game changer.”

“If you make your journey your goal, you have instant success” Esther Hicks

Have a wonderful week and all the best.