I recently heard a beautiful sentence from my speaker mentor Les Brown. “You can´t see the picture when you are in the frame.”

Have you ever noticed that people keep coming up to you and saying that you are a great person, that you have a nice life or that you were / are successful based on this other person’s point of view? And what is often a naturally human reaction to such a compliment? “What? I’m not that successful…” Followed by this dismissive hand gesture and that’s the end of the conversation.

When you sit in the frame, you don’t see the picture. You look at your life as a 24/7 project. Another person tends to see the peaks – whether highlight or downlight. Just because of all the ups and downs you experience, you don’t see your own highlights. Because during a 24-hour day, the less beautiful things unfortunately outweigh so many people. And then they get stuck. 

Would you like to do a little support task? Write a press article about yourself and your last five years. What do you think was exciting? Where are you today compared to a few years ago? What kind of person did you become? Where have you enriched the lives of others? And if you can’t think of any of those things, let me ask you a really nasty question. If you were getting to know yourself, would you go out with yourself? If your answer is yes, then you’re a fire cracker. Just write the article and stop whining. However, if you’d rather shake your head and not walk away with yourself, you definitely need learn German and ready my new book, Re-Connect to Love and to Myself. 🙂 Then it’s time to reconnect with yourself first, before we take a look at you from the world’s perspective.