Last week I talked in my video  about the best way to fall asleep. Yes, I know. It may have been a while for you since you slept peacefully. The reason is obvious. Too much is going on in your mind. It is obvious that your brain continues to work with this information at night.

Here are my two simplest tips for a better mood, a calmer and deeper sleep, and more fun during the day.

Tip 1:

After getting up, your first sentence to yourself is: “Today is the best day of my life.” Why this sentence? Where your attention goes, energy goes. Instead of wondering what the day will be like or what kind of stupid meetings are going to happen, program yourself for a nice day right in the morning. If I pour chili powder into a recipe right at the beginning, then (unless you want to cook chili) not too much good will come out of it. Start with a solid base and continue working from there.

Tip 2:

One hour before you go to sleep, deal exclusively with things that you have and want to experience in your life. Listen to your favorite music, read a meaningful book (no crime novels, thrillers or horror books – are you actually listening to me?), great conversations with your significant other, imagine your positive future or just do nothing at all. Let your subconscious mind work with beautiful things while you sleep. Because your thoughts of the day are the ingredients for your recipe called dream.

I wish you a super nice week.