Today I have a very special present for you. Since my book “I AM GRÄTER” was published this week, I would like to give you my favorite story from it today as a sneak peak of the upcoming audio book version.

The story of Franzi

In case you’re wondering why I didn’t record the audio book myself; do what you can do best and let others do the rest.

But who could have been a good choice to read this success book? As I am a huge fan of a special club house room that I listen to every day, I was tempted to ask the host, if he would be willing to record “I AM GRÄTER”. And he said yes. Ladies and gentlemen, I am honored that Deraj Global took the time and read my great book.

Enjoy listening to it and get your copy of “I AM GRÄTER” at Amazon

P.S. You can get the extras for the book free of charge on my homepage.