Ten days of my cruise are in the past. And fifteen days are ahead of me. Still, the only important part of those facts is between the two numbers. It is this very moment right now that is the only thing that counts. My awesome keynote speech last night is in the past. My appearance in the MeinSchiff Evening TV Show is still a couple hours ahead. Life is happening in this second, which brings me to my video of the week “This is how to get what you want”

Just do it
Honestly – are you focusing on what you want or on what you don´t want? And are you actually doing the things that I suggest you every day in my videos? I am so happy and grateful for the many positive feedbacks and how many people love what I do. Still, their life’s do not change. There is a huge gap between knowing it and doing it. Where are you in this game?

If the question arises „Norman, what exactly should I do, because I am so busy with my work and my other struggles…” – here is the simple answer in another video I did.

And now?
Now you take my advice and exchange „the other“ with „myself“. How do you treat yourself on a every-second-base? Do you choose to be happy in this second? Or are you still aiming for some future experience that will bring you more joy? “When… I am on vacation … then … I will be happy.” You know, God or the universe do reflect what you do to yourself and how you feel about yourself in this very second. Not in 2 months or 5 days. Yes, this you already know from my other videos. I know. You have all the tools. So when do you start using them?

Grande Finale
Billionaire Prof. Dr. h.c. mult. Reinhold Würth said something very smart during our Interview. „Knowledge is power is the dumbest sentence I have heard. Knowledge itself gives you nothing. Knowledge put into action will bring you power.”

I wish you a wonderful week and if you should be stuck in the “knowing-doing” gap, let me know. I most definitely can help you.