In my video from last Wednesday I gave you a great tool on how to be even more attractive. 

It was not just about the external, but more about your inner attractiveness. The former cosmetic surgeon Maxwell Maltz describes this very well in his international bestseller “Psycho-Cybernetics“. After some plastic surgerys, he found out that his work changed the patient. Interestingly enough, some didn’t change the person, even when the external blemish was gone. He got to the bottom of this phenomenon and found out that every person has two self-images. First, the external image that we all see. And then the inner picture of yourself. As long as this inner picture remains unchanged, an external change doesn’t make much sense either.

That brings me back to my video. You need to have a clear goal in life, what you want, where you want to go or what you would like to be. That sharpens your inner focus and automatically makes you more beautiful and attractive on the outside. Even without cosmetic surgery.

Do you have this clear goal for yourself or are you still hoping that something outside (a new car, more profit in the company, a different relationship …) will fill this void? Unfortunately, that won’t happen in the long run. The only chance is to connect your inner image with a strong desire for a goal.