Have you ever made a decision and then wondered if it was the right one? Or did you leave everything as it was because you couldn’t make a decision, replaying it in your mind and not finalizing an answer as to what is the “smartest” thing to do? I also often hear people talk about luck. “You were lucky to make that choice.” Does that have anything to do with luck? Or, to put it another way, what is luck? KISS singer Paul Stanley says: “Luck means taking advantage of a situation that God has put in front of you.” But how can you recognize what is right and wrong for you in such a situation?

My advice: Follow your gut feeling. “What is gut feeling?” you might ask now. A description of gut feeling or intuition suggests that it is the ability to bring a knowledge or action impulse from the unconscious to the conscious area in your mind. In other words, gut feeling is the ability to listen to what your subconscious is telling you and make clear decisions based on that.

So, why should your gut feeling know what is right and wrong for you? Because 95-98% of your day is processed unconsciously and then implemented. Thus, your subconscious is the boss of your body. The first impulse may be consciously given, but then everything else runs “almost automatically.” You can read all the details about this in my first book “I AM GRÄTER“. Alternatively, you could take a more spiritual approach to explain it. Many teachings say that your subconscious is the direct connection to God or the Universe. And if this impulse of gut feeling comes directly from the source, there is surely more truth in it than what comes to you based on your life experience and thousands of beliefs in your human mind.

My experience is that when I follow my intuition, I make better decisions than when I rely solely on my conscious mind, weighing whether it pleases this or that person, and whether it is logical considering the future. The fact is that your brain has inhibitions with new things because it cannot assess them. Familiar experiences from the past, on the other hand, it can handle. Therefore, pure logic often clings to what it knows, as it is not sure what might happen in the future with a change of course. Also, the new opportunities are not yet tangible, and thus many people remain stuck in the old hamster wheel, thinking, “At least I know what I have…even if I am dissatisfied with it.”

And if you still don’t want to give your gut feeling a chance to have a say and prefer to stay 100% “logical,” then I have another idea for you. When it comes to deciding and you hesitate with your answer, it is a sign for me to let it go. Either it’s a “hell yes”, or it’s a clear “no”. Because at the end of the day, you receive this impulse of “hell yes” or “no” from your subconscious within milliseconds. It’s just that you might not perceive it. Breathing, calmness, and silence would be a great start to hear that quiet voice within you better again.