“Guys, do you want to watch the fireworks at all? It takes another six hours and it’s raining harder and harder.” Who can hear my slight despair in these two sentences? Sure, I could have manipulated my kids with some skillful language. “Boys, do you want to go now or in half an hour?” However, from my point of view that would not have been fair and very selfish, since both wanted to see the fireworks at Legoland Germany. Back to my “hope” (which is known to die last) J

The dumber the question …
“Yeeeeees” was their answer. All right then. Then I’ll make a plan that the three of us will stay healthy, safe and sound. Thanks to the Legoland shops and hundreds of very smart invested Euros for new shoes, jackets, rain capes and so on, it was one of the best fireworks I have ever seen. What a Saturday. Gigantic live artists, awesome fireworks and happy children. And the best part – I was happy as well. During the fireworks, I was just grateful that my boys were so persistent. Take a look at my Instagram channel if you wanna see the fireworks. And no, you won´t see me in my new “I love Legoland DE” sweater.

It’s almost like in life
Be honest – do you fall over at the first gust of wind or when raindrops hit you? Or do you persevere on your way? There is no wrong time for your dreams and goals. Just as there is no such thing as bad weather. Maybe there are wrong clothes. However, if you know what to take along, bad weather will pass you by without a trace.

Utilities for every season
If you want a great umbrella for your everyday life, then apply for my 1:1 coaching. Together we will work out the right utilities, that wind, storm, sunshine and even a hurricane cannot do you any harm. And one of the main points of the coaching is a different communication skill set. Everything that you want to have tomorrow, is today still owned by another person. Therefore, it might be good, that you start to communicate differently. Right? With more self-esteem. With more fascination. With more motivation. And with a clear intention in your mind. If you are up for it, get in touch with me, as I can help you get all of that and much more.

Have a wonderful week and if someone suggests to stay until the firework is over, just do it.