What if it is possible? Your dream, your goal, your vision … what if it is possible, no matter what your current reality shows?

“Yes, yes Norman. It is already clear that a motivational speaker sees everything positively. But you don’t know my situation …” you might be thinking now. Between us; I’m glad I don’t know your situation. If I knew it, it would mean that you told me about something unpleasant in your past instead of using the time to tell me about your better future. Often, I address exactly this question in my motivational lecture: “Tell me about yourself in your future.” Whether a motivational lecture or a newsletter – you may always ask yourself what if it is possible that my desired future will also become a reality? In order for these things to come into your life, you can change the direction you are looking at. Away from yesterday and towards tomorrow. Could you tell me, Mr. Positiv motivational speaker Norman Gräter, more about it? What will your life be like in 10 years if you could do what you desire?

Albert Einstein said:

“Everything is energy! Align yourself to the frequency of the reality you want and you create that reality. It’s not a philosophy. That’s physics! “

Now we know that Albert Einstein was neither a motivational speaker nor did he give a motivational lecture. Today he is called a genius in many places. So, we could listen to his words for a moment.

What is the key saying in his quote? “Adjust to the frequency of the reality you want.” Not the reality you have right now.

What if it is possible? Do you want to start dreaming big? Think, that it is possible? That you can have this future? Then do it. Because it doesn’t cost you a penny.

If you say now “Norman, I understand all of this, but my team doesn’t,” then I invite you to book one of my motivational lectures. You can find all the information you need at https://norman-graeter.com.


Have fun dreaming and have a wonderful week.