Doesn’t that upset you too? You read so many books, listen to podcasts all the time and attend dozens of seminars on coaching and personal development. And somehow it doesn’t work out in real life the way you were promised. At least that’s what happened to me for a long time. And the question that came up was “What am I doing wrong?” 

The good news is; you are doing everything right. And you are currently only looking for a solution on the surface. Have you watched “Undercover Billionaire” on DMAX? There, Monique, a billionaire with only $ 100, a fake name, a cell phone and a car, had to set up a company valued at $ 1 million in just 90 days. She started a company called Rooted. Rooted produces pressed juices based on ginger. Much more important is her company logo. A tree with deep roots – being Rooted.

Exactly there lies the indication why you are not yet where you would like to be. In your roots.

At company events, as a speaker, I always explain it this way in my motivational lecture:

There is a thought behind your thought. As well as an emotion behind your emotion.

Look, let’s say you would like to have a happier relationship. This is your thought and your wish. And that feels great. Right? Let’s look deeper into the root.

Because there is a thought behind that thought of your desire. Let’s say the thought behind this is that you are so tired of sitting at home alone on the weekend. How do you feel about this thought? Right. Not so good, because the thought is full of lack. “I don’t have it yet and I want it so badly.” With that you unconsciously radiate permanent lack. And where deficiency is sent out, only deficiency can come back.

Therefore, you don’t get what you want (the first thought from the conscious mind), but what you are (the second thought that comes from your subconscious).

What can you do differently from today? See if is “towards something” (I want to be even happier together). Then everything is great. If it is “away from” (I don’t want to be alone anymore), then change your point of view and find something good about your current situation. Otherwise, you will continue to get more of what you want to avoid.

If you need support with this, please contact me if you want to have more adventure and joy in your life again.